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Do You Eat Low-Fat Sweets?

Do You Eat Low-Fat Treats?

By the 1990s, being on a low-fat diet was all the rage: for every full-fat product available, there seemed to be a low-fat alternative. Low-fat branding meant that all those forbidden foods like ice cream and cookies could now be enjoyed without guilt. While the low-fat push worked for some, it caused others to simply eat more than they normally would, making their calorie and sugar intake shoot through the roof.

While I tend to only buy whole, natural foods, I do buy low-fat and nonfat dairy products (except for cheese). But I stay away from sweets and savory treats that are branded "low-fat." I'd rather have a naturally sweet or salty treat, or enjoy a smaller serving of a full-fat sweet. Part of me is worried that I'll overindulge; plus I just don't think low-fat cookies taste as good. How about you?

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