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Do You Enjoy the "Fittingly Mad" Feature?

Do You Enjoy the "Fittingly Mad" Feature?

Today, instead of doing my usual rant appropriately called Fittingly Mad, which is full of musings about things I find silly in the fitness and health world, I thought I'd try a poll on it instead.

The feature is not meant to be mean, but a funny way to allow us all to joke around about pet peeves that most of us share surrounding health and fitness. Being that I've gotten some negative feedback, I thought it would be a good idea to get your opinion on this weekend feature since I want to keep the site focus on motivation and fun, but certainly not offensive.

So check out all the past Fittingly Mad posts and let me know what you think!


cubadog cubadog 10 years
I think for the most part they are funny! Maybe the stomper will read it one day and stop.
jessy777 jessy777 10 years
They can be fun but the one about "treadmill stompers" was a little over the edge. Everyone should refrain from ranting about people who are trying to get fit. It is this fear of ridicule that can keep some people out of gyms. Things like not wiping down gym equipment is gross and should be ranted about.
Katikins Katikins 10 years
Keep it up Fit. I like the posts. FitSugar is about all the best ways to become and stay healthy and when you find things out there that are annoying, irritating or plan outlandish I want to hear about it! :D
7kimba7 7kimba7 10 years
I like them. it makes me feel like I'm not alone in my irritations. with that said, I fear that I might be a stomper and wish I had someone to listen to me run.
jendudley jendudley 10 years
Don't stop posting these! Some of them are very helpful...Wear a helmet, bike rules; I also enjoy the ones where you rip into the labels on "HEALTH FOOD"....Keep it up!!!!!
EllaBella EllaBella 10 years
I find them funny because they are so true! Please keep up with these posts!
hepsmom hepsmom 10 years
Hey, an occasional rant is healthy, and incidentally, entertaining.
syako syako 10 years
Just wanted to clarify - the treadmill post did not offend me at all. In fact when I read the comments of people saying they were offended it surprised me. But, with that being said, I remember how intimidating it was for me to 1. Join a gym and 2. Actually go to the gym. Every time I went at the beginning I felt like everyone was staring at me and knew that I had no idea what to do. It can be a very intimidating atmosphere - so with that in mind I'd say that posts like the treadmill stomp may have made me a little weary when I was starting to work out. I can't say for sure that it would have - but I can see how it could.
Phil Phil 10 years
They're good! Don't ever get off that soap box!
puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
I skip over that feature because most of the ones I've read seem overly petty, but then again I'm extremely laid-back and nothing really bothers me too much. I don't think you should stop doing that feature, though, as there are obviously people who enjoy it and those who don't can easily skip over them! =)
Kelly-O Kelly-O 10 years
Love them! And really, there are things that annoy all of us, and quite frankly I think we get WAY too PC sometimes. It annoys you, it annoys a lot of us, and it's okay to say so. You didn't say "Mr. Jim Johnson of 123 Street in San Diego, CA is stomping on his treadmill at Bob's Power Plant every morning at 6:00 am." I guess I just wonder why people took it so personally. Just a thought.
eyesparkle eyesparkle 10 years
i like it, please don't stop it. not only do the treadmill stompers get to me, but also the guy at the gym who puts the treadmill speed to high, takes a few steps, then stands on the sides of the treadmill for a minute as the treadmill continues. i wish i could tell him that the hour he spent standing on the sides of the treadmill only counts for about 40 steps, and he should just slow the speed down so he can actually keep up, even if he just starts out walking.
ccsugar ccsugar 10 years
I like them! And I really enjoyed the treadmill rant, it was so true!! Anyway, yes I think they should stay. It looks like the majority of fitsugar readers do like it, so I think that those who do not like the feature can just skip over it! :)
Spectra Spectra 10 years
I like's good to sort of laugh at ourselves every so often!
Kristin2783 Kristin2783 10 years
I like them. I wouldn't change a thing aboutit.
sparklestar sparklestar 10 years
I like them!! =D
mon-repos mon-repos 10 years
I think if someone is offended by one of the posts, it is an oportunity to look at the behavior they so closely identify with and see if they might be that annoying to other people without it being personal.
Feesje Feesje 10 years
I like it!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
I really do enjoy this feature. I know some were offended by the "treadmill stomper" post, but I have to admit that it did make me smile since I read it right after coming home from the gym where our "resident stomper" shows up every morning at the same time. We all just roll our eyes and try to tune her out; honestly, when she doesn't show up, I begin to worry about what might be wrong with her that day. I'm sure we could all rant about the grunters, the groaners, and those that are over-perfumed (and under showered); it's all part of gym life and won't keep me away. Ranting is a good outlet and I'm sure that Fit's intent was not to offend. I agree with kiddylnd, this feature provides a forum for discussion and I hope it stays.
kiddylnd kiddylnd 10 years
I like it. Gives an outlet for discussion on some of the crazy ideas out there. Keep them!
purrtykitty purrtykitty 10 years
i like them. if people don't then they can do like tdamji and skip over them
syako syako 10 years
I like it. But I think we should use caution when going off on rants about people who are genuinely trying to get healthy and fit, for example the post on "treadmill stompers" was a little out of place. I'm sure others share the same sentiment, but it's so nit-picky that I'm sure it made a lot of us self conscious about whether or not we stomp when we run. If the feature keeps focusing on things like stupid ads and riding bikes without helmets it should continue being a weekly addition. Just steer clear of making fun of people who are either at the gym trying to get fit or who are doing something only slightly annoying.
kahla1 kahla1 10 years
i like them. there are things out there in the health world that are irritating and deceiving, and i like to know about them. i think ranting is healthy when done in a "positive" way - ie writing on a blog instead of simply being pissy about it.
eaker eaker 10 years
I enjoy the feature. Sometimes it is enlightening.
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
no, not at all. i find them a bit boring, so don't really read them.
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