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Do You Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

It can be a hotly debated topic: is it better to exercise on an empty stomach, or is not eating anything at all before a workout just setting yourself up for a lackluster performance?

Many people believe exercising on an empty stomach (usually in the morning) helps your body burn more fat during your workout, thereby leading to more overall weight loss. But while some studies have shown that the habit helps burns more fat, others have shown that exercising without eating actually causes your body to burn muscles and hold onto fat. And since exercising requires energy, if you start a workout with a grumbling stomach, you may not achieve your best calorie burn.

We're constantly on the quest of the perfect pre-workout snack, but what's your pre-exercise ritual? If it's been awhile since your last meal, do you eat a snack or do you eat nothing at all?

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fieldoflove fieldoflove 4 years
I go to yoga on an empty stomach but I'm not going to answer this poll because i don't think it's "better" It's definitely better to eat before but exercising on a full stomach sucks. So if I don't have time to wait an hour at least before I exercise, I'm not going to eat
slrogers0629 slrogers0629 4 years
I played soccer and basketball for years. It's hard to workout with a full stomach but then I would get light headed if my stomach was empty. I found a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter gets not only a jump start with my metabolism but enough energy to get me through my workout.
Yolanda14777891 Yolanda14777891 4 years
I just have a tiny snack before my morning workout, I feel sick if I eat a normal breakfast and then exercise.
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