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Do You Fit the Physical Stereotype of Your Nationality?

Speak Up: Do You Fit the Physical Stereotype of Your Nationality?

In my yoga class last week, I asked one of my students if she was Italian, and she answered, "Yes, did you know because of my big butt?" I was stunned. I said, "No because of your last name. And first of all your booty is far from big, and second of all, I've never heard that Italians are known for their big bums."

I'm definitely not one to promote insensitive, big blanket statements about stereotypes, but some folks identify them and other just plain don't. I am wondering about you. Do you fit the bill when it comes to physical features commonly associated with your ethnic background or not?

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ViolaMorbid ViolaMorbid 4 years
Irish-Italian with some Scottish and some Cherokee. Some other nationalities mixed in there too, but can't be bothered to list them all :p Okay, I'm ridiculously white and unable to tan and freckle after sun exposure (Hello, Irish skin!), and have light eyes, a long italian nose, and thin dark hair (no idea where that came from?) So I guess I fit the Irish stereotype more than anything with the skin, eyes (green). Although I get my tiny stature and height (4"11) from the italian side :)
LeslieAnnne LeslieAnnne 4 years
Looks like I am about 3 years off but here goes anyhooo... I am Scotch-Irish with some native American Indian and I wee bit of Irish and been told some German. ? I am 5'8". I have brown hair and hazel eyes, medium olive skin. I have a broad back like Indians and high cheek bones. I have really thick curly hair like Scottish folks and a temper like the Irish and Germans. So there ya go. :-D
Diane-Ninopoulos Diane-Ninopoulos 4 years
I am of Greek descent but born in Australia ...Many Aussies here pass me for a typical Aussie-looking "chick" cos I have fair skin & hair and brown eyes... I get passed for Polish or Northern European ... but traditionally I follow the Greek tradition and the Greek Orthodox Christian way of life ...I am educated in Greek and Cook greek food amongst other varieties...I love Greek dancing and really...ALL THINGS GREEK !!! OPA !!! I am what the "Skips" ( Aussie Convicts) would call me a..."WOG" (Ethnic Girl)...very racist they are ...I know!!! But I call myself a..."WOZZIE" (Wog-Aussie) !!!
punkadore punkadore 4 years
both my parents fit the Italian thing to a "t" but my mom had Sicilian blue eyes and my brother and youngest sister got those the middle sister has brown eyes.
punkadore punkadore 4 years
I am Czech/Italian I am the eldest of 2 sisters and a brother all who have the Italian features of the sun-glass holder nose, brown eyes/hair and olive skin. I came out a ginger (copper orange bone straight hair) with porcelain pale skin, rosey high cheeks, a button nose, blue-green eyes and freckles, I am also 1950's shaped and 5'3". I get mistaken at family events as my brothers girlfriend (gross) or the milk mans kid and always asked if I am Lucille Ball or Scottish/Irish. I also to this day look younger then my siblings even though I am the oldest. So either my mom cheated on pa and the milk man needs to claim me or I am recessive gene prone. My son's father is German/French came out brown/slim copper highlighted straight hair and brown eyes and olive skin and no freckles and is taller then me already so go figure.
Strato Strato 5 years
people have always asked me what I am, I have olive skin (tan really really easily and stay that way) dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I have slightly slanted eyes and facial hair is completely non existant on the sides of my face. I have an unhairy chest, but very hairy legs. Also long eyelashes.People have asked me wether I am half asian, half indian, greek, italian, turkish, romanian or spanish.My maternal grandmother is half jew (spanish not german variety) and she never knew her real father except he was an american soldier stationed in London during WW2. My grandmother has monolid asian eyes and is very short. If I had to guess, i would say her biological father would have to be native american. she was bullied alot at school and called "chinky". my grandfather was english with some portuguese decent.My father is a total mystery, he has dark skin all the time, black hair, and dark eyes. Everyone thinks he is Pakistani/indian, spanish, mexican, greek, turkish, arab. he doesn't know his real dad but was told by his premiscuous mother that his dad was most likely irish. I don't buy that as there is not a single irish person in the world that could have a child that looks full on you mix those two together and you get me. I would love to find out about my history and who I is my email if anyone has any info about features.I also want to add that I am extremely good with languages, being fluent in german and quite good in Portuguese, armenian and a few others.\u00a0
Brianna2546381 Brianna2546381 5 years
I am more an halfly German and about half native American(Seminole and Cherokee) and all of my features are German But the undertone to my skin is warm like that of a native american's. I'm very tall at nearly five foot ten and I have copper, very curly hair, high cheekbones, strong jawline and heart shaped face (including the classic German widows peak) with very full shapely lips. Mu eyes are usually bright green wi gold specks but sometimes are blue with the gold and lastly I have long black eyelashes. So, always, I get people asking if I'm German since I have every feature haha. I was looking through photos of my german ancestors and I have all of the dominant genes from them
Brianna2546381 Brianna2546381 5 years
I am more an halfly German and about half native American(Seminole and Cherokee) and all of my features are German But the undertone to my skin is warm like that of a native american's. I'm very tall at nearly five foot ten and I have copper, very curly hair, high cheekbones, strong jawline and heart shaped face (including the classic German widows peak) with very full shapely lips. Mu eyes are usually bright green but sometimes are blue with
aama aama 5 years
Wow! Just came across this when I Googled my (what I always thought was unusual) features. I was happy to see that someone, @urbanbohemian has the same situation as me. Really dark (brown/black) hair and really dark (brown/black) eyes with very fair skin. I've gotten mistaken for everything and anything! Not just people randomly coming up to me and asking me what ethnicity I am (something I've found to be odd as I would never dream of going up to someone and asking them that) but people from other countries coming up to me and speaking their native language because they think I am also from there. Bulgarian, Brazilian, Mexican, Armenian, Greek.... a lot of people also mistake me for part Asian! My heritage is a mix of Sicilian, French Canadian and Irish. I guess the combo of my coloring, prominent nose, almond eyes and defined arched eyebrows definitely throw people off. I grew up in a city with most of my friends being African American and Latino its interesting to me that my friends have specifically told me I'm not "white", because Italian Irish and Canadian are all Caucasian, but then again race is a really hard thing to try to define (I think, anyway).
anaz anaz 5 years
Well my descendants come from The Netherlands and Sweden. I have Dark Blonde hair and Hazel eyes. Most people say I've got the features of a Swede because I'm quite tall.
erikabey erikabey 5 years
im spainsh, my mom is colombian and my dad is argentian. one sterotype for hispanics is that we are all really tan or some what dark skinned, most of the time short, black hair dark eyes. im totally the opposite i am tall ,dark brown hair and white skin. so somtimes i feel "left out" or just a freak because i dont "fit in". like one tiime this girl at school asked what ethnicity i am and i just said i was spanish and she said "are you kidding" and i was like umm.... no why would i kidd about that. she said i was not dark enough to be spanish then laughed at me and walked away. that really hit me i'v always been insecure about my skin color so she just made it even worse.
JulieKateri JulieKateri 5 years
So in that case, I guess I look like a solid mix of all my ethnicities.
JulieKateri JulieKateri 5 years
I'm German, French, Polish, Irish, Scottish, English, and Cherokee and even though I'm more European than Native, the Native features have carried through the generations and I'm tall, lanky, and have high cheek bones, slanty eyes, yellowish skin, and a relatively wide/straight nose. I did, however, get my freckles, light hair, and greenish-blue eyes from the European folks.
TheDashingRogue TheDashingRogue 5 years
Medium height, ash/platinum colored hair, straight nose w/ thin Nordic nasal skin showing where cartilage and bone meet, blue eyes w/ a gold ring around each pupil, lean face, wide canine teeth (not pointed), long fingers, arms, legs, short fine hair texture, large waist, and much body hair. Got some German+Czech+scot/irish+unknown on my mother's side. She has dark hair, aquiline nose, apparently bountiful body hair, and dark eyes. My best guess is she's Mediterranean/French, but could be anything. If anyone has ideas about my mother's side, please do tell!
Sir-Jestmire Sir-Jestmire 5 years
Also curly darkish hair.
Sir-Jestmire Sir-Jestmire 5 years
Typical jew. Small chin/jaw, out of proportionly large nose, dark eyes, white complexion, and short.
beneditaou beneditaou 5 years
I also am asked if I'm mixed race, biracial, with mixed african heritage. Or if I'm speaking spanish which I do speak with a spanish accent I am asked if I'm from spain. I am mostly asked if I'm brazilian or russian.
beneditaou beneditaou 5 years
I am from northern european descent, scandinavian. As well as eastern european (russian) descent. I am tall and thin, blue eyes and golden blond curly hair. When I have a tan or use bronzer I am asked if I am brazilian. When I am pale I am asked if I am Argentinean or Russian. No one asks if I am american, always if I am from Brazil or Europe, Russia. I also am told I don't speak english with an american accent, but with a european sounding accent its strange.
triplthret13 triplthret13 6 years
No doubt! My family is originially from denmark. I've got the stereotypical scandinavian features; pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes. I've also got the height (denmark has the 2nd tallest people in the world!!), I'm 5'7" and still growing. I've actually been approched by people here in America asking me if I'm a Swedish exchange student (close enough haha). <-- I would say that means I fit the physical stereotypes pretty darn well ;)
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