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Do You Know Yoga?

Yoga is all about the poses, and there are hundreds you can learn and master. Some require balance, some are really relaxing, and some increase flexibility. Since many of you are yoga lovers, I thought you'd appreciate this little quiz.

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What is this pose commonly called?

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What's the name of this pose?

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I'm sure you all know that the name of this pose is Downward Facing Dog, so I'm not going to quiz you on that. What I will ask you is, what's the Sanskrit name for dog?

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What's the name of this pose?

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Which pose is not part of Sun Salutation B?

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When practicing Ashtanga Yoga, you use a special breath called ujjayi. When breathing with this breath, you sound like which Star Wars character?

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This pose is named after what kind of bird?

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In which type of yoga is the room heated to at least 105°F with 40 percent humidity?

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These are all considered what type of poses?

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In this partner yoga pose, the person on the top is doing Shoulderstand. What's the name of the pose the person on the bottom is doing?

Join The Conversation
pinkmermaid23 pinkmermaid23 8 years
hehe I just finished yoga teacher training so if I didn't get 100% i would have felt kinda bad. phew...I learned!
Rozabel Rozabel 8 years
10/10=Yoga geek... :D Wow, I didn't think I knew that much about yoga.
StrawberryMoon StrawberryMoon 8 years
7 out of 10... I started very well, but Dark Vader and the yoga partening got me
ziggy101 ziggy101 8 years
7/10, hahaha I guess I can still learn more... Fit > can you do a post about specific yoga poses focussed on the abdomen ?
emaxfin5 emaxfin5 8 years
oooooooook....soo i obviously don;t know my yoga ?! 1/10 ouch**
Lilavati Lilavati 8 years
Yeah, 9/10! :) Long live the internet who taught me all of that!
0fashionqueen 0fashionqueen 8 years
Ok. I have done Yoga in a while. So, I really do not remember all the poses any more.
MissLMR427 MissLMR427 8 years
i'm so happy, 8/10! i guess all those power vinyasa classes are educating me.
Rouge-Noir Rouge-Noir 8 years
Crap, I selected the wrong warrior pose by mistake!
digibron digibron 8 years
Whee, I just started going to yoga classes again last night. 8/10 for me.
Peggasus Peggasus 8 years
HA! 5/10. Perhaps it's my yoga instructor who needs to be a little bit more...instructive on what it is exactly that we're doing.
Beaner Beaner 8 years
I love yoga! Just need to be doing it more. Thanks for the kick in the asana. Ha!
keg0406 keg0406 8 years
8/10 for me too :)
scottnjoel scottnjoel 8 years
Wow! I need to do some Yoga...Ugh!
mondaymoos mondaymoos 8 years
8/10! Nice. :D
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Wow, I did kinda badly on that.
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