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Do You Like Running in the Rain?

A Reader Shares Why She Loves Running in the Rain

Don't let the elements stop you! OnSugar blogger egilbride shares her thoughts on why she loves running in the rain in her blog, Ready to Run.

Today I went for a run . . . in the rain. I know most people HATE running in the rain, but sometimes I prefer it to running on a sunny day. Take my Rock n Roll Half-Marathon (did I mention it was my first half-marathon EVER?!) that I ran last August. I may sound a little extreme when I say this, but it was literally like a monsoon. And I loved every minute of it! If I had been running in 90-degree weather in the city in August, I'm not sure I would have finished. But running a half-marathon in the rain was . . . refreshing. Other than causing me to wait in line for the porta-potty a couple of times, the constant downpour didn't have much of an adverse effect on me.

Then today, I went for a run . . . and it was amazing. I left my cell phone at home (see my last post reviewing my armband), which meant no GPS and no way to track my time, other than by using my iPod nano, which was set for the wrong time. It was just me, the road, and the rain. And what did I accomplish? A lot! Since I didn't have my phone telling me when I hit each mile and what my time was, I wasn't as worried about speeding up my pace at every mile to hit my goal time. But instead, I reached another "goal," which was to run my entire "course" — which includes running around my ENTIRE hilly block, including one the size of Grendall — twice! And I felt great! It may seem like a small feat to some, but that 2.62 miles (it's just a guess) was the best accomplishment I've made since I started running again! Here's to more victories to come in the future!

Do you like running in the rain? Share your own thoughts on outdoor running below. Start your own OnSugar blog and we might feature your posts on our homepage.

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