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Do You Only Buy Organic Produce?

When it comes to fruits and veggies, my friends lovingly refer to me as a "grippie," aka green hippie, because of my steadfast rule of only buying organic fruit and vegetables. I used to be part of a CSA, but now I visit various farmers markets around the city a few times each week. Seasonal produce is full of flavor, I want to support small nearby farms, and of course there's the issue of pesticides. And because the produce I'm buying is seasonal and in abundance, it's pretty affordable too. I also think that organic, seasonal fruit is more nutritious, which a new study backs me up on — at least when it comes to strawberries. In the study, organic strawberries were more flavorful, nutritious, and had a longer shelf life. Another reason to add my growing list of sticking to organic produce. How about you . . .

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