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Do You Photoshop Yourself in Pictures?

I feel like I've been hearing more incidents of Photoshopping gone awry — model Filippa Hamilton's size 8 body was digitally retouched to the point of inhuman proportions, Demi Moore allegedly lost a hip, and Kelly Clarkson dropped a few dress sizes after her Self cover was retouched. The editor of Self defended the magazine's practices, saying that women want retouched images and heavier models don't sell magazines. Heck, even Kelly Clarkson didn't mind that they messed around with her image.

I asked a few friends if they've ever retouched photos of themselves and I was surprised to find out that many of them have. Some played around with making their skin look clearer, others got rid of red eye (though I hardly think that counts), and one friend copped to making her arms look thinner in a photo that was being used for a family holiday card. This whole thing has me curious, and now I'm wondering . . .

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