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Do You Suffer From "Diet Rage"?

Do You Suffer From "Diet Rage"?

Diet Rage - noun: The frustration that builds on the road to weight loss.

Do you have Diet Rage? I know I certainly have in the past and it's no fun. The smart folks over at SparkPeople have compared Diet Rage to Road Rage and it turns out that there is much to be learned from traffic jams when it comes to dieting.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Pay less attention to how much further you have to travel. Stop asking yourself "are we there yet?" You’ll get there when you get there. Instead, look at the scenery, think about life, carry on a conversation, sing along with the radio, or simply be thankful for how far you’ve come.
  • The journey is always more fun with a passenger. Have you asked anyone along for the ride?
  • There will always be periods of stopping and starting. It’s something that you should just anticipate and allow for. No use getting upset or stressed about not making progress. It’s a normal part of the journey.
  • Shortcuts never work.
  • Driving too fast is dangerous. That’s why they call it "crash" dieting. Slow down, take what life gives you, and make sure you arrive at your destination in good health.

Pretty interesting, huh? I would like to add that drinking and driving don't mix, and in most cases neither do drinking and dieting.


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Lil8 Lil8 9 years
Yeah I get diet rage when I worry about every peanut and cracker I put in my mouth and when I feel bad for every time I relax on my food in the weekend. The more perfect you try to be, the worse it is even though you should get a better body. Sometimes you have to ignore the advice you read on the net because it's not worth going insane.
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
totally off topic but I can see my office building in this pic, lol, sweet!
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 9 years
It's nice to hear dieting put into perspective that way.
PJ-PJ-PJ PJ-PJ-PJ 9 years
Well, this is not quite what the article seems to be about, but when I saw "diet rage" I immediately thought of a cousin who went on the "1 potato a day" diet. He did that for months & he was so pissy & ill. You couldn't ask him a normal question, with out him ripping into you. He was definitely in a rage state. At some point, we all just wanted to hold him down & shove some twinkies down his throat. He finally came out of his hunger haze & started eating healthier, but it was touch & go for a while there.
melda melda 9 years
yes i feel sooo frustrated when i think about hoooow much i need to lose, thank god i have cravinsugar with me she is my best friend ever in one of the most difficult parts of my life she is helping me
sahayra sahayra 9 years
I never thought about it that way. Neat-o.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
me too :)
llendril llendril 9 years
loving the metaphor =)
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