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Do you give your body the right amount of nutrients it needs? A new report from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention says that, thankfully, most Americans get enough essential vitamins, like vitamins A and D, iron, and folate.

That's good news for us, since it shows that we're helping our bodies fight disease and stay strong and healthy. But since the report studied blood and urine samples — and not eating habits — from a cross section of Americans, the CDC isn't sure whether or not we are taking vitamin supplements or just eating right. And while many supplement critics say that there's no proof that taking vitamins helps reduce your risk of diseases like heart disease and cancer, that doesn't stop millions from popping a pill or two to get their RDI.

How do you get your vitamins — do you take a supplement or do you try to eat your nutrients instead?

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Susi-May Susi-May 5 years
I take fish oil and probiotics. I should be taking calcium too — gotta get on that.
ldelia ldelia 5 years
I don't take supplements unless my blood work (doctor) says to.  Last year my doctor prescribed iron.  When on iron you get your blood checked every couple of months until your iron stores are normal.  For me that was 4 months.  If you study iron supplementation on reputable web sites, you will find that excess iron in the body will ruin some of your organs.  So, getting vitamins and minerals through nutrition is the best way.  Live right by eating, exercising, and sleeping right.  Happy Easter!
karinacocina karinacocina 5 years
i agree with SaraNoH. I think you can get everything you need from real just have to be educated enough to know how to do so.
SaraNoH SaraNoH 5 years
my doctors have prescribed me ADEK pills, but I refuse to take them because my vitamin levels have always been fabulous,especially someone with CF. If I can get all my nutrients when I'm physiologically not supposed to be able to, then anyone can without taking vitamins. Real food first, vitamins last.
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