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Do You Wear a Pedometer Daily?

With so many fitness devices sporting GPS capabilities, clipping a pedometer to your waistband can seem a little antiquated. That's why I am loving the tiny iPod Nano; it has a built-in pedometer and fits easily into any pocket so you can count your steps on the down low. Recently on vacation in Paris, to rationalize my afternoon trysts with French pastries I slipped my Nano into my pocket daily before exploring the city's cobblestone streets. I was impressed to see that after a day traipsing around the gardens in Versailles, I took 26,572 steps.

Now that I am back to blogging (read "deskbound"), I have to work a little bit harder to reach the recommended daily 10,000 steps. And my iPod pedometer is just the inspiration I need to get up and get moving during the day since sitting for too long is bad for your health and waistline. What about you?

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nese nese 5 years
Does anyone know where to get the wrist pedometer i saw a program on TV where it records movement when you lift weights and cardio, but have been unable to find where to get one
GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
I bought a cheapo version from a mass retailer. It worked okay but you had to wear it in a certain way to get a proper reading and since my yoga pants didn't have belt loops, I stopped wearing it.
amber512 amber512 6 years
Nope, but I do use a HRM when I work out.
graduatedsqueaks graduatedsqueaks 6 years
I started wearing it when my employer gave them out to encourage us to improve our health, walk more, exercise more, etc. I like wearing it! It definitely makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something healthy throughout my day!
karinacocina karinacocina 6 years
i used to wear one because i was interested in seeing how far i walked for my classes each day....i loved it...but then i left it in my pocket and it was killed by the washer :(
LittleMissSunshine22 LittleMissSunshine22 6 years
P.S. :D
LittleMissSunshine22 LittleMissSunshine22 6 years
I said no, because I don't wear it daily, but I wore it a couple of times to measure how long does it take for me to get those 10,000 steps, and its about 90 min, so I try to walk additional 60 min if I was active during the day, if not at least 90 min... so time is my pedometer ;)
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