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Does Dairy Cause Congestion?

Milk, Mucus, and You: The Congestion Connection

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, and your symptoms involve nasal and sinus congestion 24-7, you may want to take a look at the dairy in your diet. Dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream may be making your allergy symptoms worse. Casein, the naturally occurring protein in dairy products, can promote the formation of mucus. It can also make existing mucus thicker in your nose and sinuses, leaving you completely congested. It may also cause a runny nose or the ever annoying post nasal drip.

Of course, conventional doctors may not agree with the notion that dairy promotes mucus (there's no scientific evidence, but maybe because there have been no studies - I don't know), but many people swear that ditching dairy has cured their sinus problems. So if you are curious, you'll have to test the theory yourself. Try eliminating all things dairy for at least 1 to 2 weeks and see how you feel. It's made a world of difference for me, my nose and my sinuses, so I definitely think it's worth a shot.

Here's a cool tidbit of info - casein is also used to make adhesives, like glue, beer bottle labels and wood glue used in furniture. Think about it — if casein can make two objects stick together, imagine what it can do to your sinuses.

To help relieve congestion in your nose and sinuses, try using a neti pot. Not only does it get rid of mucus, but it helps to flush dust and allergens out of your nose that can make you stuffy in the first place.

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Andre14910256 Andre14910256 3 years
Thank you for your point of view. I can back you up on it. It has been a week since I stopped consuming dairy products and my life has changed in a manner I can not describe. I have been suffering from Asthma since my early days and could never taste food properly due to a permanent nose congestion. It is all gone now... I will carry this on for at least a month before I can try having some types of cheese again. For those of you with these symptoms, ditching dairy consumption for at least a week in life is worth a shot. Cheers.
Lance14776132 Lance14776132 3 years
I use the Squirting bottle neti pot and it indeed is something I wonder how I ever lived without. But it doesn't cure the mucoid substances in the upper bronchial area much, if at all. I'm constantly clearing my throat these last three weeks, and the only thing that has changed in my diet is an enormous increase in ice cream and cheese consumption. I've begun to day to eliminate those and all other dairy from my diet for the next two weeks to test it, but my conclusion maybe foregone that it is indeed the cheese, primarily that is causing it. I don't know if I could ever actually give up Ice Cream entirely, without wondering if it's worth living without it. And chocolate, too. These two should be on the evolutionary trajectory two of the main food groups we need to survive and prosper.
viame viame 4 years
Wow how interesting the different views. Is it entirely possible that due to a person's heritage that they maybe more prone to sensitivities than another? I agree no one in their right mind is going to post research that goes again the American dairy association and the USDA. So, I really could care less what the studies show. When I don't consume diary, I'm healthy when I do, I'm sick.... I don't need a scientist or Dr. to tell me it isn't dairy, it' obvious it is! Seriously! People that don't want to give it up ( and have symptoms) just are addicted to it, even if they have symptoms, don't want to hear it. Some people seem to do fine with it.. but agreed we are the only species on the planet that consumes another animals milk... that isn't rocket science. Plus the person was correct we are the only species on the planet that consumes milk after infancy. So we just want cheese, we don't need it.. we can get more calcium from a green pepper than from milk. It's marketing people!!! Not only that but we consume so much toxins in our life that it destroys our digestive system. This is why Celiac disease is the fastest growing disease. Our digestive enzymes are not there. Research has been done on the gut to brain connection, yes, actual no biased research not corporate fixed research. Consuming anything that causes a histamine response in the body ( which means it is seen as a threat) causes mucous. That is verifiable just do your research!!! It is no different than a virus causing is seen as a threat and that is how the body fights it off.. it's a overreaction at times. The body is trying to protect itself. Education, not ignorance by marketing ploys is how you find the answers. If you believe any research without seeing who funded the research you might as well be taken for a ride by a scammer used car salesman. That is how intelligent that is. You cannot believe everything a Dr. tells you they to have ulterior motives. Just be open to hearing the truth. As for a neti pot be careful you can damage your vestibular part of you sinus... I did... I suggest gently squirting it up and allowing it to fall out is better than turning your head sideways and pouring it up too far. I have permanent damage now from neti pot use.
fireants fireants 5 years
Oh I forgot toe post the other website I was referring too. So here it is.
fireants fireants 5 years
Hi ya everyone just a little info for ya. First you should buy or watch on your netflix streaming the video called "Forks over Knives". This explains why dairy and all animal proteins are unhealthy for you to consume. There is over 20 years of research behind all of this information. Plus I have just found this website and it sums up some of what Forks over Knives talks about. One of the things it says is milk depletes the calcium from your bones which is the reason why america has one of highest osteoporosis cases. Cow's milk is made for one thing only and that's to nourish calves. Once you watch the forks over knives video I believe you will have a different take on how you view cow's and milk and animal proteins.
corbett66 corbett66 6 years
i can speak from experience on this one. whey seems to be a huge culprit for me when it comes to thickening mucous. i don't believe it is an allergic reaction as i don't have the typical allergic response...extra mucous, itching, sneezing, bowel irritability, etc. what i DO have is a definite THICKENING of the mucous. period. i have performed my own study by eliminating and seeing immediate improvement, or using whey (or a product infused with it) and reaping the sinus delights of stuffiness and invariably a sinus infection. now perhaps this is just me and my body's reaction, but i do not need any one else to tell me there is or is not a direct correlation between the two. i suggest anyone plagued by sinus infections to try eliminating whey or dairy altogether and see for themselves the results. unfortunately for my daughter, i have passed on this intolerance for milk products, as well as bad sinuses, but we get by using soy and going light on cheeses. (what would life be without cheese!) as for the poster who compares drinking milk to eating fruit, well all i can say is this person is nutritionally ignorant. we are in fact, the ONLY animal on this planet that continues to drink milk beyond infancy, and the only animal to ingest ANOTHER animals milk. whereas fruits and vegetables are regularly consumed by a multitude of animals across earth. another fun fact i've found is that most humans have "some" intolerance to lactose. look, i'm not here to put dairy "down". i love cheese, i love yogurt, and i think most menus would suffer without dairy products. but i found i can still enjoy dairy in extreme moderation, as long as i don't drink milk straight up or use any whey-based protein shakes or powder mixes. obviously i am in the minority here, just another avenue for sinus sufferers to explore. i'm glad i did, and except for the really wicked cold, i've been able to eliminate nearly all of my sinus infections...i used to have nearly 5 a down to one or none. good luck
noyesville noyesville 8 years
It is absolutely amazing to me that in this day of information availability and overload, comments about milk and mucus production or viscousity are thrown around so cavalierly. There is not only a fair amount of research, but over-views of the research done to date. One daes from 2005. There results are: 1. There is no connection between milk and mucus thickness or production. 2. Many people report such a connection, usually based on prior belief. Scientists cal this the "placebo" effect. If you think something helps (or hurts) there is some chance it will. Noyesville
samobeckett samobeckett 9 years
Actually, studies have been done to establish a correlation between mucus production and dairy intake. Also, the fourth paragraph attempts to establish a causal relationship by analogy. The fact that a protein is used in an industrial process to form glue is unrelated to any physiological affects until proven. Sodium explodes when exposed to water and chlorine corrodes, just imagine what they do to your body when combined. Oh, wait, that's just table salt. References to the study can be found below. Brunello Wüthrich, MD, Alexandra Schmid, Barbara Walther, PhD and Robert Sieber, PhD Allergy Unit, Department of Dermatology, University Hospital (B.W.), Zurich Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux, Swiss Federal Research Station for Animal Production and Dairy Products (ALP) (A.S., B.W., R.S.), Berne, SWITZERLAND Address reprint requests to: Dr. Robert Sieber, Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux, Swiss Federal Research Station for Animal Production and Dairy Products (ALP), Liebefeld, CH-3003 Berne, SWITZERLAND.
SeptemberLights SeptemberLights 10 years
Hmmm, i have been wanting to try the neti, but honestly im a little freaked out by it. my allergys will have to get really bad before i try that!
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