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Does a Place Exist Where Women are Not Fat Enough?

It does and it's hard to imagine. I recently read this article on MSNBC and it just reiterates that the grass is not always greener...

There are no fast food restaurants in Mauritania, yet one fourth of the women there are obese. That is because in Mauritania, a country in Northwest Africa, bigger women are considered better. In fact, force feeding girls and beating them if they vomit or refuse food is not uncommon to make them bigger. Obesity has long been the ideal of beauty in Mauritania, providing a visual for a family’s wealth amongst poverty.

Those that are not big have been known to try using foreign-made appetite-inducing pills (I didn't even know such a product existed) and use veils to cover-up their thinness. The government has since launched a TV and radio campaign highlighting the health risks of obesity to stop the harsh treatment to women and girls. This combined with the rising popularity of foreign soap operas featuring model-thin women, has helped the decline, but it is still present.

Can you imagine? The women of Mauritania must think that our country's obsession with thinness is completely bizarre, while I can't imagine telling a woman that she is not fat enough. What do you think?

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