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Does Sunny Weather Make You Happier?

Does the Weather Affect Your Mood?

Summer may have came late to San Francisco this year, but Sugar HQ is all smiles about it. Lately the office uniform is sundresses and sandals, and we've brought our workouts outside. Look for us running through the park, cycling across the bridge, or catching a few waves at Ocean Beach. And, boy, are we happy!

The weather definitely affects my mood, and when the sun is shining and I'm boosting up my vitamin D, I'm a happy gal. And even though I wish it could be sunny all of the time, I'm pretty OK bundling in a scarf when need be. But with Winter just around the corner, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may be a real concern to many of you.

So tell me, sunny days, rainy nights, or snowy afternoons — does the weather hold any power over the smile on your face?

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