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Does Your Nose Run When You Exercise?

If you find that your nose runs when you exercise, you're not alone. The condition is called exercise-induced rhinitis, and it's actually pretty common among athletes. I know it sounds strange, but for some people, working out can trigger congestion, sinus pain, runny nose, headaches, itchy eyes, asthma, hives, and in rare cases, even anaphylaxis. Exercise itself can be the sole trigger, but sometimes it's the combination of exercise plus another trigger such as pollen or cold weather that produces symptoms.

Does this sound familiar? Tell me . . .


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KayakingPublicist KayakingPublicist 5 years
I thought it was because I eat dairy.
Arsenal210 Arsenal210 5 years
I'm not going to sit here explaining all the details as to why it is like this. Just know thats more than likely the reason why your nose runs all the time
Arsenal210 Arsenal210 5 years
This is awkward but true. If you ejaculate often due to sex or masturbation, and for girls, if you often have orgasms due to sexual relations, that is more than likely the key component and main reason as to why your nose runs all the time. I'm not making this up, I've taken sex education in college and I'm a pre-med major. We go deep with our conversations
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
YAY i'm not alone with this one. mine does when i work out and it's sooo frustrating cause i don't want to be the annoying person at the gym who constantly sniffles but if i know that i'm not alone, then it's ok. :) similar to what someone said above - my ears pop from time to time too.
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
It only happens a little bit when I have been working out a LOT.
lilCROAT03 lilCROAT03 8 years
i have sinus rhinitis triggered by allergies. it's been a life long struggle. step 1: move out of the mid-west.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
My nose only runs when it's cold out. It's really annoying, but I don't know what I can do to stop it.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
lol. when i was bouncing around in shadow boxing yesterday, i had no kleenx so my hsirt ended up being covered in this fine silky film. yuck i know, but better than dripping it all over the floor.
Allytta Allytta 8 years
no, have never heard of it even when i was into semi-prof sport... weird.
130k 130k 8 years
This happens to me and I didn't know it was an actual condition.
greatscott200 greatscott200 8 years
My nose runs so much that it is always red and sore on the part that connects to my upper lip. It looks horrible, but I can't do anything about it. Such a bummer.
Berlin Berlin 8 years
My nose seems to run when I get if I walk into a very chilly room or the air starts to blow on me, it runs...very weird:)
lisaleeh lisaleeh 8 years
Yes, this happens to me when it's cold and/or windy when I run. Fortunately it usually only bothers me for the first half of a workout then it gets better.
TinkerbellSF TinkerbellSF 8 years
Yes! I always feel like such a freak too. I also never ever get hives or any sort of rash in life but have a reaction every two work outs or so. It's the strangest thing.
catgirl1 catgirl1 8 years
Thanks, Deanna. I have pretty constant sinus trouble, so I assumed it had something to do with that. The frustrating part is that yawning makes them open up, but then the close up again. I wonder if there's something I can do or medicine I can take to make ot better??
wackdoodle wackdoodle 8 years
oh heck yeah! I bought one of those water hydrating belts with a pocket so I could carry all my kleenex in it instead of balling it up in my hand. Allergic rhinitis is a pain in the bum. If I walk to fast or run boom my nose starts running. If I meet up with someone I'm sure that they must think I'm a coke addict cause my nose is snuffling and dripping.
deanna024 deanna024 8 years
Catgirl1, I have the feeling where my ears feel "plugged up" a lot when I exercise and if I yawn, it cracks them or makes them feel open. Believe it or not, that can be related to your nose. Your eustachian tubes at the back of your throat can become irritated by allergies or by your nasal symptoms and therefore, they can crack or feel "plugged up" like at high altitudes.
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
I thought I was the only one! I hate it. So annoying.
aka-Daria aka-Daria 8 years
yes, it does. it sucks. i have my septum pierced and it's quite uncomfortable when i flip it up and my nose is running and i wipe my nose...
psychobabble psychobabble 8 years
This drives me bonkers,if I have the slightest hint of a runny nose or congestion on a given day, my nose will run when I work out. It's worse in cold weather but happens year round. I always forget tissues so I'm that girl sniffling on the treadmill. :-/
michlny michlny 8 years
When I run outside in the cool weather my nose runs and it's so ANNOYING! Especially b/c I like to breathe through my nose!!
catgirl1 catgirl1 8 years
I hate this so much! My nose runs, but maily what's annoying is that my ears constantly pop. It happens when I work out at a high intensity and also after I drink coffee... Very strange, and I can't figure out what's going on with me! I guess I shouls pay a visit to an ENT.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
My nose runs all the time when I exercise! It drives me a little crazy, so I've learned to always keep tissues with me.
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