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A Dog-Gone Good Diet: The Dog Diet

There are a lot of diets out there that I just don't truly trust, but this diet is one that I think I can really sink my teeth into.
The Dog Diet: What My Dog Taught Me About Shedding Pounds, Licking Stress and Getting a New Leash on Life ($12.71) is not a new fat diet that tells you to eat hot dogs, and only hot dogs, but rather a book that explains how one lonely woman adopted a puppy and as a positive result, ends up losing weight. The book, while being funny and cute, shows us simple and natural methods for shedding unwanted pounds without the usual stress and disappointments that go along with typical dieting regimens. Some practical dog diet tips that you'll find in the book are:

  • When it comes to snacking, if your dog likes it, it's probably not something you should be eating (think pizza and steak) -- Eat quiet foods that don't emit enticing aromas - they're good for you and won't arouse the beggar in your dog!
  • Learn Dogersize because sure you can walk your dog, but a traditional work out can be adapted to include your dog you burn more calories. Plus it's a lot more fun for both of you!
  • Look at life through the eyes of your dog: Learn how to live in the moment and don't hold grudges. (Though I am pretty sure it is not yet acceptable to sniff other people's butts.)

The Dog Diet is a great, light read for anyone who loves dogs and is currently struggling (or has ever struggled) with weight loss. Want it, then buy it at

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SarahElaine SarahElaine 9 years
That first rule is so untrue with my dog. My two favorite snacks are foods she loves, carrots and kale.
colormesticky colormesticky 9 years
I don't remember who said it (Mark Twain?): If your dog is overweight, you're not getting enough exercise.
SU3 SU3 9 years
sounds like a good read! I really do believe that your dog can teach you so much about life's lessons!
Fashion Fashion 9 years
Yes! I once read the average dog owner loses 6-8 pounds a year because of all the dog walks. Totally makes sense - a brisk walk is the first thing I do in the AM and it gets my metabolism going! xo
cageyme cageyme 9 years
An additional healthy benefit of having a dog is that you never feel pressured to eat every last bit on your plate because your dog is always happy to take the leftovers off your hands. Think of it as the dishwasher pre-rinse cycle with a tail.
ccsugar ccsugar 9 years
Darn it! This would have been a perfect Mother's Day gift!! Oh well, my mom's birthday is in a few weeks, thanks for helping me find her a gift! :)
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