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ishop2much ishop2much 10 years
Dogs really are MANS BEST FRIEND!!! :)
bizzybee bizzybee 10 years
I adore my kitty. She is 16 years old and we have seriously been through a lot together. I have nothing against dogs, (except the ones that live downstairs and bark all day but I blame their owner for their unhappiness), they are good souls too. I think like most things, it's up to the individual and their approach to life. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks. Peace.
lala788 lala788 10 years
ya... I'm a dog person so I'm gonna live forever.
imahoopie imahoopie 10 years
Cats (and their owners) are more intellectual while dogs (and their owners) are more active. Anyway, cats rule!
cashmere80 cashmere80 10 years
I own a dog whom I ADORE, BUT if I owned a cat I'd still love dogs. That's the difference between "dog" people and "cat" people.
I'm a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee DOG person. :) I'm owned by a 5 year old Doberman, and a Chihuahua.
dmblauren dmblauren 10 years
my 2 cats are my babies. major cat person here.
demonkitty18 demonkitty18 10 years
i agree with colleen , both r adorable in their own special ways.
__nicci __nicci 10 years
Cat person here.
colleen115 colleen115 10 years
I don't believe in the whole cat-person/dog-person thing. I like and respect both! What unique little creatures! All pets are adorable!
shafiii shafiii 10 years
i'm staying a cat person =)
windynini windynini 10 years
I love my lovely Lola (cat). The study is interesting, but for myself, my cat encourages me to go out and excersise just by seeing her agility and and flexibility. I guess it inspires me to be more like her, like catwoman. lol
darkoblivion darkoblivion 10 years
While I do love dogs, my cats are my children. :)
lintacious lintacious 10 years
katlovesclothes: well, sorta. yes it is possible to get toxoplasmosis from cat feces but this is in extreme cases where either the cat just goes anywhere and it is never cleaned up or aired out; or you live with 1000 cats. if you are a responsible pet owner who takes care of the litter box, uses sanitary litter and in general has good hygiene, it is not a problem. wow, what a scare tactic - so absurd.
katlovesclothes katlovesclothes 10 years
Cats contribute to schizophrenia... It was in this book, the NY Times bestseller: 'Suvival of the Sickest' by Dr. Sharon Moalem. Don't get me wrong, I love my cat, but I'm extra careful about cleaning him and cleaning up for him now!
mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
I'll stay pet(and kid) free, thanks.
lintacious lintacious 10 years
no matter how upset i am, when my cat looks at me and purrs, it will always make me smile
julieulie julieulie 10 years
Ugh, dogs do NOT make me healthier. All the barking, the jumping, the drooling, the smell... being around dogs puts me in an AWFUL mood, which cannot be better for my health. Just the barking grating on my nerves all day.... NO THANK YOU.
JBlondie JBlondie 10 years
I have 2 and 2 dogs, so I guess that makes me super happy!
angeldevilwings angeldevilwings 10 years
I have a dog and a cat so I guess I'm on the fence.
purrtykitty purrtykitty 10 years
oh yeah, cats rule and dogs drool!!
purrtykitty purrtykitty 10 years
i'd still take a cat over a dog ANY day!!
krampalicious krampalicious 10 years
i'll take being smarter over being "healthier" any day... ;P CATZ 4 LYFE. also, no one likes dog macros.
Feesje Feesje 10 years
That may be so, but I'll ALWAYS be a cat person. :)
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