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Donna Simpson Wants to Be World's Heaviest Woman

What Do You Think About Supporting Obesity?

If you haven't already heard about Donna Simpson, let me fill you in. At age 42, this New Jersey woman tips the scales at 604 pounds, but she's not trying to lose weight. It's her "fantasy" to gain weight and not stop until she reaches 1,000 lbs. If she hits her mark, she'll earn the title of heaviest woman to give birth and heaviest living woman, a new title given by the Guinness World Record. She already holds the record for world's fattest mother, weighing 532 pounds when she gave birth to a baby girl in 2007.

It would take Simpson two years to reach her goal by eating 12,000 calories a day. She pays for her $750 weekly food bill by modeling on Supersized Bombshells, a website for men who worship big women, where her hefty size is more than accepted — it's sought after. She told the New York Post, "I love eating and people love watching me eat. It makes people happy, and I’m not harming anyone. I have fans who send me baklava and cheesecake and everything else you can imagine. I'm heavy, and I wouldn't mind being heavier."

Donna says that her 150-pound boyfriend encourages her to eat more. "I think he’d like it if I was bigger. He’s a real belly man, and completely supports me." He stands behind her saying, "I support her because I enjoy it," and he's not the only one in support, as Donna has also been offered a reality show and book deal. Looks like another story of obesity placed in the public eye, along with Ruby and One Big Happy Family.

With her boyfriend as her cheerleader, her modeling career supporting her eating habits, and the publicity she's getting from people wanting her to do her own reality TV show, Donna's obesity is getting a round of applause and then some. Tell me . . .

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vertes vertes 7 years
She's disgusting. Can she move around enough to properly tend to & supervise a small child? Gosh, next thing is she'll probably find a toilet tissue manufacturer to help sponsor her 12,000 calorie daily habit. Her child cannot possibly be properly parented & the US taxpayers will get to pay for the medical care she's going to need lots of.. The boyfriend has to be a creep to encourage this. Oh, I forgot- he probably gets to eat any leftovers.
One word: Ew. More words: This is what is wrong with America. Hey! At least she can have free healthcare now, since she has no job. What is happening to America!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
JoneyStar JoneyStar 7 years
When I first read the headline I was thinking that maybe it was plus size model of 250 or more. But this woman is beyond what I was thinking. I'm in the depend category. For this one I would not support her although be plus size myself. She is putting herself in grave danger as well as her children. If you got up to 1,000 pounds and then got pregnant who would take care of the baby. If she would even survive it. I went thru so many issues with being overweight and pregnant so to be 1,000 and pregnant I foresee death. Someone should stop her and soon. I wouldn't be surprised it authorities stepped in to take her children.
portionsforfoxes portionsforfoxes 7 years
This is just sad. I understand that not everyone needs to be thin and trim to be healthy, but I cannot imagine why someone would go out of there way to engage in risky and unhealthy eating habits. She is setting a poor example for her child. Hopefully she'll realize the negative impact this has on her daughter. I always have heard stories about how mother's views on nutrition and body image heavily influence the child, and it would be such a shame if her daughter viewed gorging on food and sitting around gaining weight for someone else's sexual satisfaction as acceptable habits.
anakiya anakiya 7 years
Curley, I think you were very articulate in your comment. I was just gonna say "Gross" in every sense of the word. Gross that she's allowed herself to be a part of a freak show, gross that we are wasting our time entertaining this (yeah it includes me who took the time time to read the comments) and gross that we as a society still need people like this to look at ourselves. She calls what she does modeling??????? Be for real. That is an insult to the millions of models who have worked so hard to dispel the myths that modeling is but a body and a face. Whatever!!!!!!!!!!
CurleyQ CurleyQ 7 years
I've read all above comments. I myself am a fat, obese, chubby, heffer, piggy, whale, lard ass of a woman. Whatever name you would like. I know of the "draw" of being big. There is a fetish about it and its acceptance. In the "normal" world where obese women are looked at with disgust and not looked at with the thought of beauty in the fore front of the mind; these fetish websites give them the self image boost they crave. So I understand why she does this. Also as her income. Now for the record...I DONT agree with what she's doing. Again I say I as a fat woman DONT agree. Also as a soon to be Mom as well. All I can think of is getting healthier for my new baby. I actually have something more to live for than just myself. So I dont see how she can be doing this to herself when she has a child to take care of. Unfortunately that child is probably obese for her age as well. Its a cycle. I think she needs attention but not what she wants. There needs to be attention drawn to what she is doing for the worse and needs help. She sees this as a way to bring money in. If she can be lazy , do nothing but lay around , eat all day AND make money while doing so...well why the heck not?! I just think of it as back in the old times where extreme obese people were part of freak shows in the circus. And they still are today. But now its on TV and given awards of money. Lets see who can self destruct themselves the fastest. I have ALOT to say about this but as you can tell Im not very articulate. She needs help in a positive way. And the giving of "awards" of being the fattest person to do whatever should be condoned.
simplyfab87 simplyfab87 7 years
I saw this story a couple weeks ago and its very disturbing. This woman is gotten to the point where she is beyond selfish. I didn't take SKG's advice and I went to that site. I agree, one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen too. I'm all for loving yourself but being like that should not be celebrated by anyone.
MsChoo MsChoo 7 years
Fine you can eat yourself to death. But saying she isn't harming anyone is ridiculous. I can't believe she wants to give birth at 1000lbs, would any doctor agree to deliver that? Poor baby.
Angellie Angellie 7 years
How unbelievably selfish and irresponsible! This infuriates me, to be honest. I can't believe anyone, especially a mother, would do this! I feel so bad for her daughter. Does she not realize there's a good chance she won't make it to 1000 lbs. and won't be there to see her daughter grow up?? How does she not realize the harm she's causing?? She's either stupid or she really is that selfish. Perhaps both. I can't even believe someone would give her a show or a book deal. Like someone else said, I would never judge someone for being obese because I know there are many reasons behind weight gain, but I would never support someone like this. This makes me sick.
inlove23 inlove23 7 years
I agree her child needs to be taken away by social services. She is such a bad influence =(
inlove23 inlove23 7 years
That lady is just screaming for a heart attack. There is a reason why people need to work out.
zebeckras zebeckras 7 years
I'm all for people feeling good about their bodies, but this woman is killing herself. I can't make her stop, but I don't think it's right to support it. No human being should weigh a ton - the idea is actually frightening to me.
yadiet yadiet 7 years
This woman is oblivious to the fact that she will never see her 3 year old daughter turn 5 or 6. She is a disgrace! Your heart pumps 3 liters of blood daily, the amount of fat that is covering this woman's heart is incredible. If the HBP, or diabetes kills her, most definitely the heart attack that she will have because her heart is overworking. Besides the fact that her other organs and tissue are not receiving the proper blood nor oxygen.. She is an ignorant woman. and this should not be applaud but shot down.. Her cheerleader boyfriend most probably is under her will and is waiting for her to die so he can collect!.. this angers me so much
TiVo TiVo 7 years
I agree with choice 1 and 3. Obesity should NOT be supported, especially to this extreme. However, all people should be supported. This woman, no matter how disgustingly fat, should be supported if her goal was to be a good mom, to get healthy, or to learn to play the tuba. I agree though, that her unhealthy weight and unhealthy goals should not be supported.
kimmyk10 kimmyk10 7 years
Perhaps she feels like there is no way for her to lose weight, so she might as well do whats easy and just keep gaining? Sad, very sad.
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