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Don't Be Fooled By HUGO

Don't Be Fooled By HUGO

McDonald's is at it again, with the "it" being Super Sized soft drinks. This time they have given the drink the friendly human name Hugo. Maybe they think Les Miserable makes people thirsty - thinking of all those bedraggled characters singing the story written by Victor Hugo creates the desire for a really big cup of soda? Nope! I think they mean Hugo more like HUGE.

McDonald's uses Hugo as a modifier as well. Mickey D's asks, "Do you have a HUGO sized thirst?" According to the New York Times the 42-ounce drink adds about 410 calories to your meal. All those extra calories is only going to cost you about 89 cents.

McDonald's dropped their "Super Size" menu in 2004. The same year that Morgan Spurlock's dietary documentary Super Size Me was released. I say, "Don't be fooled by the Hugo. It is a Super Sized drink with a cute name."

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katie225 katie225 10 years
what i DO like about mcdonald's is that the 42oz. drink is on sale (here in orange county) for 69 cents, and they have powerade. i work front desk at a 24 hour fitness, and i will usually buy a powerade for $1.50 from their vending machines (yeah, it's not water, but when i'm craving soda it's a much better choice), so now i can get an even bigger powerade for even cheaper. and powerade doesn't go flat, so if i can't drink it all (i never can!) i can always put it in the fridge for later!
rubialala rubialala 10 years
Well, it sounds like they certainly have the market on best price for the most calories.
pinkflats pinkflats 10 years
Not liking this. A supersixe drink is STILL a supersize drink.
ktacce ktacce 10 years
i agree with everything here - a supersize drink is still a supersize drink by any other name (sorry, sort of butched R&J, but you get my drift...) --- it makes me feel like McDonalds thinks all consumers are idiots(right Clarient?). Pretty soon they'll be asking if we want to "Hugo that". Their ad campaigns can feature sports all day long, but I bet not many fit concious or sports-oriented people go there. ever. I wish they'd just be honest about being fatty and not try and hide it. Has anyone heard of Cookout? It's a superfatty drive-thru that embraces it's fattyness and doesnt try to hide behind a health-focused ad campaign. And I love it more for that. Also, while I'm ranting (who knew I had so much to say about McDonalds!?!?) I'm mad about how they were so late to get rid of trans-fat.
popularsugar popularsugar 10 years
I thought they were naming it after the LOST character. FLlpiTup, I agree that their campaign for health is contradictory. Their salads have more calories than their cheeseburgers.
fLIpiTup fLIpiTup 10 years
mcdonalds needs to settle on either the "health conscious!!" image or the "super-size america!!" image (even though i believe their health-conscious stuff isn't even that healthy?). they're so bi-polar...
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