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Don't Give Up If You Give In to Occasional Temptations

Don't Give Up Because You Gave In

When trying to forge a healthy habit, even the strongest among us can slip up sometimes. Whatever our resolutions may be — working out every day, not eating sweets, having just one cup of coffee per day — we have unintended cheat days or weak moments. But just because you give in to temptation once doesn't mean you should give up your healthy goals.

I'll admit that sometimes when I veer from my healthy habits, I'm tempted to stay off track — just throw up my hands thinking the damage is done. This particularly happens during the holidays: if I pig out at one meal, why not just overeat at the next meal too? Or, after skipping workouts on vacation, it's difficult to motivate myself again.

But remember: just because you give in to temptation once doesn't mean you should give up entirely. In fact, it's even more reason to reset your healthy goals. If you end up eating a Snickers bar for breakfast in a weak moment, don't beat yourself up over it. Just make your next choice a healthy one and go from there. How do you deal with weak moments?

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