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Don't Let Fashion Sabotage Your Fitness

Don't Let Fashion Sabotage Your Training!

My ongoing battle with my IT band has taken a turn for the worse, except this time it's all my fault. Generally, I take care to make sure I'm not hurting myself or my progress; things like crossing my legs at work are a no-no, and I always watch my form, whether I'm running outside or indoors on a treadmill.

But even after all of this vigilance, it only took one weekend to set me back a few weeks. Why? I did a whole lot of walking in very improper walking shoes. I was at a conference in Las Vegas, so that meant long days on the show floor, and long nights at parties and industry events. While wearing sneakers, or at least supportive, sensible shoes is ideal, the dress I wanted to wear matched only a pair of flat boots, which I figured would be fine for walking all day. Unfortunately, I was wrong; the heel on my boots was too heavy and caused me to abandon proper walking form completely. And of course at night, I donned a pair of on trend yet unhealthy-for-my-IT-band five-inch heels.

The reward for a trendy day in Vegas? An incredibly tight and sore IT band from a day filled with walking/hobbling around. I'm too sore to run at the gym now, I'm stuck rolling and stretching for at least another week. And while a week off from running won't completely sabotage my training plan, it certainly wasn't worth one day of fashion. So, the next time you're choosing between proper and improper footwear, keep this tip in mind: don't let fashion sabotage your fitness!

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