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Don't Shop 'til You Drop: Ergo Shopping

Don't Shop 'til You Drop: Ergo Shopping

Standing in line on the busiest shopping day of the year can really test your patience, and back, and legs, and feet….

Here are a few things to try to make standing in line bearable:

  • Keep your weight evenly balanced on both feet. Standing with all of your weight on one leg, with your hip jutting out, may look cool and seem like an energy saver, but it can really tweak your back, your hips, and your knees. Especially if you are carrying a big, heavy purse.
  • Do mini pliés. Bend and straighten your knees a bit to make sure that you are not locking your knees, which decreases circulation to your lower legs and grinds the knee joints – ouch.
  • Breathe: When you’re frustrated that the sales clerk can’t seem to get the total right for the person way up at the head of the line – breathe. Take a deep breath and let it go. Remember: oxygen is always free.
  • Stretch when you can. Put all your bags down and stretch out your back by rounding your lower spine. Remember pulling your abs in increases the stretch. You don’t have to make it a big motion. Just big enough to move the spine around a bit so it doesn’t get over taxed. (Speaking of which – I wish I lived in a state with no sales tax on clothes, but that is another can of worms.)
  • Sensible Shoes: If your feet are not happy, then you won't be happy. So wear some sensible shoes.

Happy shopping!


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