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Dos and Don'ts of Healthy Wedding Planning

Dos and Don'ts of Healthy Wedding Planning

Let's face it: planning a wedding is stressful. Depending on how big your wedding is, it could be one of the most stressful projects you've ever taken on. So amid all the excitement, it's important to keep yourself fit, healthy, centered, and sane. Here's what do to (and what not to do) when planning a wedding the fit and healthy way.

  • Do make a plan. It sounds basic, but start by planning out your timeline, then go down the list one by one. Otherwise, you'll easily feel overwhelmed.
  • Don't be shy about accepting help. People have gotten married many times before, so why start from scratch? Registry checklists, like our downloadable registry, will save you serious time. You'll also have people offering to help you left and right, so let them!
  • Do come up with a fitness plan. If part of your plan includes getting fit for the big day, map out a workout schedule — with the help of online programs or a trainer — to keep yourself on track.

For a few other ideas for how to stay sane while planning your wedding,


  • Don't overdo it. Getting in shape shouldn't mean setting unrealistic goals that require crash-dieting and unsafe lifestyle changes. Losing a maximum of two pounds a week is considered reasonable.
  • Do make time for yourself. You'll be bombarded by people and questions right through the wedding day, so set aside some alone time for yoga, massages, walks — whatever.
  • Don't neglect your workouts. Make sure your exercise routine doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Put workouts on your calendar, alongside all your wedding appointments. If you want, recruit a special wedding workout buddy.
  • Do control your party-food intake. You're likely to attend some engagement and bachelorette parties before the big day, but if you're trying to stay slim, keep your indulging in check. Have a bite of something you're craving, then move on.

Any of you recent brides out there have anything to add? If so, share them in the comments!

nancita nancita 8 years
Hey commenter #2, there have been lots of those kinds of posts too!
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 8 years
drink lots of water and get lots of sleep!!! in addition to feeling better, it'll make your skin glow!
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