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Double Kettlebell Workout

This Trainer's Double Kettlebell Workout Will Tone Every Single Inch of Your Body

If you've been too nervous to pick up a pair of kettlebells on your own, we've got just the workout for you. Vishal Kumar, multicertified trainer and manager of Epic Hybrid Training Center in San Francisco, recently posted a full-body workout that will give you a steady burn from head to toe.

"I don't lift weights often . . . but when I do it's usually kettlebells," Vishal wrote. "Here's a double KB circuit that kicked my ass yesterday! Grab 2 moderate weight bells and get to work!!"

You'll do 10 reps of shinbox to press (5 on each side), 20 step-back lunges with a twist (10 on each side), 20 staggered stance seesaw rows (10 on each side), 20 seesaw bridge press (10 on each side), and 20 gorilla cleans (10 on each side). "Perform 5 rounds: 15 seconds rest in between movements and 1 minute rest after all 5," Vishal recommended.

Not only will this workout help you get stronger and more comfortable with kettlebells, but it will also help you move better in general and improve your overall mobility. Give it a try!

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