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Double Under

Jump Through the Roof by Mastering a Double Under

Double under; it's the move that Bob Harper swears by, and it's a staple at any CrossFit gym. Quite simply, a double under is achieved when a jump rope makes two passes during a single jump. Intimidated? Don't be. All you need is a jump rope, time to practice, and solid determination. The double under is definitely not an easy move, but once mastered, it keeps the heart rate elevated, but with less impact on the body than traditional jump roping. We're talking major calorie burner.

  • It's all about the wrists: While you intuitively may want to use the power of your arms in this move, it will only result in a quick loss of energy. Instead, keep arms alongside your body while using your wrists to propel the rope forward. This will allow the rope to make more even, consistent passes. Also, be aware of timing. In an attempt to move the rope quickly, it's not uncommon to get a little ahead of yourself by swinging the rope forward for a second rotation before it's completely passed under your feet.
  • Drop the knees: High knees seem like an easy solution to the double under, but not so; just like using your arms for momentum, raising the knees while jumping results in wasted energy. Instead, jump rope as you normally would, with feet together and legs straight; make sure to also keep your back straight, and draw in the abs. The key difference to a double under is to jump high — called a power jump — which will allow the rope enough time to make two full rotations.
  • Start slow: No one expects you to do consecutive double unders in your first, second, or even third go. Instead, incorporate a double under into your normal jump-rope workout by replacing every 10th jump with this move. As you master the move, decrease the amount of single jumps between double unders, then try to do the move consecutively.
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