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Dove ProAge Ads: Crossing the Line or Not?

There is a lot of hype going on right now about the Dove ProAge commercial that big brother the FCC refuses to air. Maybe I am crazy, but I fail to see what is so wrong with this ad? What's wrong with a commercial full of naked, beautiful older women. Maybe the FCC should take a good look at all those Axe ads that basically suggest women throwing themselves at men (married or otherwise) because of their smell, ah but I digress... Watch the video and voice your opinion below.

Want to really get into the discussion, check out for lots more on the whole thing.

So, what do you think: Does this ad cross the lines as far as what the should be allowed on TV, or not?

jenjenluv jenjenluv 10 years
Hi,yes I,don't find this ad nor tv commercial offensive and it should be aired.I,find it brave just for those six women to pose nude.Knowing what type of criticizm they would face.Nudity don't have to be a bad thing. Somepeople find it ashameful disgrace to be naked.There's ways of looking at this sitsuation,many call it dirty wrong,even a sex ad. Now take a look at many seminude ads,from lingerie,bodyspray bodylotion.And many ads of sort have and still air on television today.Also Dove's earlier campaigns women well younger women pose in their panties in several commercial ads I'm,not against that. So who's to blame Dove Proage,Fcc,or the six women who model for Dove new product.I,support it and I,encourage beauitful natural women young or old.At 45 I,appreciate myself much more and too bad Dove Proage tv ad was banned. Thank You Jeannetta
kayleigh83 kayleigh83 10 years
Oh honestly, when will people stop being such prudes? This is ridiculous!! What's so shameful about tastefully and respectfully portraying nudity while simultaneously celebrating beauty at any age? People who object to this are the same people who chop the you-know-what's off of classical Greek statues. There's nothing here we need to shield anyone from, children included. If a child sees this on TV and asks their parents about it, and the parents are that uncomfortable about it, well then I don't think the child is the immature one.
SarahBella SarahBella 10 years
I live in the U.K and this ad is aired over here with no issues. I don't know what the US's deal is with it... :S It's sad they'll show these teeny tiny models in bikinis in beer ads, but when it comes to real women, Ohh censor that!
JLew1982 JLew1982 10 years
I would say they do cross the line if we didn't have a double standard going on with the other commercials you all mentioned. Have to keep it fair and balanced, so air them!
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
"am" - I am assuming you were talking about my comment since you used the 10 yr old thing. I just wanted to add that I DO have a problem with other commercials, too. That's why if it were up to me, I would question putting this on the air - only because that would seem hypocritical because if I were in charge, you'd have to pay for special channels to see naked, whorish, or otherwise distasteful images. Because if it were up to ME, regular free tv would be a LOT more censored for violence and sexual content. But it's not up to me. I do agree that this is much better than a lot of brands' commercials, though. Still would feel weird watching it with my kid. ;)
carpentersj carpentersj 10 years
I LOVE it and I hope I look that great and feel that great when I reach that age. It's terrible that they won't show that commercial but they will show 20 other commercials for weight loss with women showing more skin than these women are.
Bookish Bookish 10 years
I hope that when I reach that age, I look that good and feel that comfortable in my own skin. The commercial was beautifully and tastefully done, and I think it should be aired. It's refreshing to see women portrayed as beautiful without being sexualized.
Lavinie Lavinie 10 years
i love the commercial... it shows us what real women look like and to be proud of how beautiful aging is.. it's sad that the FCC has a problem with this, but not with other commercials out there.
joey-beans joey-beans 10 years
I love this ad. I do not think there should be an issue with these women being nude, this is FAR LESS sexually insinuating that ANY OTHER AD, WHETHER THE WOMEN ARE CLOTHED OR NOT. How does this differ from say, an oil of olay moisturizer commercial where a beautiful naked women draped in only a sheet is caressing her freshly moisturized leg and shoulders ?!? I think that is good comparison, no one worries about little boys think about those commercials do they ?? I rest my case :) OH and don't even get me started on those axe commercials, i LOATHE them lol.
smarler smarler 10 years
This is much less offensive than RGX girl shoving her chest into my tv screen. I started using Dove's Pro-Age beauty bar, and it's awesome, by the way.
jvondy jvondy 10 years
i would much rather watch this ad than one for MTV's "Scarred" - where you see people fall and break their ankles and such.
julieulie julieulie 10 years
I agree with the above comments about what IS aired, while this can't. The commercial isn't full of sex appeal, so of course it isn't worthy. Let's fill commercial airtime with the and Victoria's Secret commercials instead, because those are so much better for everyone! Why should we promote a healthy body image when we can just focus on how the rest of us don't look like lingerie models?
strawberry-mac strawberry-mac 10 years
I see absolutely nothing wrong with that ad, especially when you compare it to the over-sexed ads that are allowed on TV everyday.
truffy truffy 10 years
lol. I guess the council is mostly male. This ad is of beautiful, tastefully naked, older women. But naked women = sex toys, and through that lens this commercial sexualizes our mothers. I must be missing something.
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
There would be an issue if this was not done tastefully. But it is tasteful, so theres no problem to dispute!
karisita karisita 10 years
i find it distressing that carefully covered, classy looking women with big smiles who are proud of their bodies are censored, whereas young bubbly big chested scantily clad woman are portrayed using sex as a ploy or a tool are acceptable, even encouraged tv medium. the folks at the fcc really need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. no pun intended.
melda melda 10 years
oh and nothin wrong!
melda melda 10 years
I don't live in US but it is beautiful
misskboo misskboo 10 years
I think it's great. I also think that if children were to see older people proud of their bodies and comfortable in their own skin it is very positive message to send (unlike the almost porn on mtv and the medias constant obsession with weight).
Lanfear Lanfear 10 years
They are airing this spot in Germany for months now and I have not heard any discussion about it at all.
kaa kaa 10 years
we have those ads on tv here in europe. there has been no discussion about them whatsoever. after all, it's ridiculous to sell anti- (or pro-, in this case ;-))age products using a 2o year-old model. it's a smart move on their part, i can imagine that their target audience loves these ads.
elgo250 elgo250 10 years
They're airing it here in Sweden, and I haven't heard of any complaints so far. I don't see what the fuss is all about. Gee whiz.
Samanna42 Samanna42 10 years
I agree with the majority. I don't see anything wrong with this add. In fact, it's much more tastefully done than a lot of the commercials seen on television today. There is nothing sexual about it, and all the women are beautiful.
JessNess JessNess 10 years
There is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with these ads. Im so frustrated by this country's standards. We are so against nudity even though a naked body is the most natural thing ever (you come into this world naked). Movies that have nudity are more likely to get a stricter rating than violent movies. Seriously their is a huge stick up the USA's ass when it comes to nudity. Maybe if people were more exposed to different types of bodies this way then there wouldn't be this crisis of people hating their bodies. -- I hate those Ax ads. First of all that stuff STINKS. Second they are totally degrading to women. There is one ad with a guy playing strip poker with three girls. So the FCC is cool with stripping but not natural beauty :oy:
queencessjosie queencessjosie 10 years
I have mixed-feelings about this ad. I really don't think this is what people want to see, but just because of that, I don't think it's crossing the line. They should just choose wisely when/where to air it. I don't think this would be an appropriate ad during a showing of My Super Sweet 16, nor Rap City on BET.
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