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DrSugar Answers: Belching After Every Meal?

DrSugar is in the house and answering your questions.

Dear DrSugar,
It seems like everything that I eat causes gas. I exercise regularly and I try to eat healthy as much as possible. I don't know if I should be eliminating some things from my diet to alleviate the gas. My gas is in the form of belching though. I rarely have gas that is expelled from my bowel area. Can you me help? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
— Sick of Saying "Excuse Me"

To see what DrSugar suggests to help this problem,


Problems with belching, also known as burping, can be a significant problem for some people. Belching is different from flatulence in that belching is almost always related to swallowed air that accumulates in the stomach. This air is then expelled from the stomach by belching when pressure builds. Swallowing air can occur when drinking carbonated beverages, drinking from a straw, eating food too fast, and chewing gum. Some people also swallow air when they are anxious and often don’t even notice they are doing it. Sometimes belching is also associated with acid reflux or heartburn.

The best methods to prevent frequent belching are: 1) Eat and drink slowly, 2) Avoid carbonated beverages such as soda and beer, 3) Avoid chewing gum or hard candy, and 4) Avoid drinking through straws. If your belching problem is related to acid reflux or heartburn symptoms, it may be necessary to seek medical advice for treatment with antacids or diet modification. For more information regarding the other kind of gas, otherwise known as farting, check out my previous post on flatulence.

If you have a question for DrSugar, send me a private message here, and I will forward it to the good doctor.

DrSugar's posts are for informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. Click here for more details.

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