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DrSugar: How Harmful Is Oxybenzone?

DrSugar is in the house and he's answering your health questions.

Dear DrSugar,
I recently read a post on FitSugar about the dangers of oxybenzone, a common ingredient in sunscreen and other cosmetics. I am wondering if my sunscreen containing this chemical is doing more harm than good? What do you think about oxybenzone, and should I be worried?
—Easily Burned

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Oxybenzone is a chemical in the family of benzophenones that is used in the vast majority of common sunscreens, as well as other skincare products, lip balm, etc. It is in the majority of sunscreens because of its ability to absorb and dissipate UV light, which causes sunburn and eventually skin cancers. Ideally, the chemical would simply sit on the skin and block sun rays until being washed off. Unfortunately, a study from the CDC suggests that the chemical is actually absorbed into our system, and can stay there for an unknown amount of time. The CDC randomly tested thousands of blood samples and found traces of benzophenones in 95 percent of the samples. It is certainly a scary thought that this chemical is being absorbed into our systems and causing unknown effects.

Currently, there are no studies showing a direct relationship between oxybenzone in sunscreen and negative health consequences. However, there is evidence that benzophenones can cause damage to cells and affect hormones in a lab setting. This means that if you expose animal cells to oxybenzone in a lab, you may see toxic effects. The caveat is that this does not always translate into cellular damage in the real world, usually because the concentration of the substance is much higher in lab studies. Many commonly used substances have been shown to cause cancer in rats, most famously the artificial sweetener aspartame. I think the most important thing is to wear some type of sun protection, oxybenzone-containing or not, because we know for a fact that sunburns and sun exposure leads to skin cancer. Playing it safe, however, is never a bad idea. Fit has some oxybenzone-free sunscreen ideas.

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kemie kemie 7 years
pls Dr i want to find out the prescribed fruits for Diabetic Patient
nia0nia nia0nia 8 years
still continuing my campaign to find out WHO DR SUGAR IS! and why an anonymous male doctor was choosen to represent the traditionally (but no longer) male medical profession on this the girliest of sites.
michaeluvnikita michaeluvnikita 8 years
Is there anything that is good for us. Seriously. I say we all stay inside and never leave.
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