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Drink Cocoa for Your Brain

There are so many reasons to enjoy a nice, hot mug of cocoa, and now there are even more.

A recent study found that cocoa increases blood flow to the brain, which means it may be helpful in treating dementia since it is marked by decreased blood flow in the brain.

Cocoa is high in the anti-oxidant known as flavanol, and flavanol promotes
dilation of the arteries. Hence the increase in blood flow to the brain. The wonders of cocoa don't stop there, it has been found to help decrease blood pressure as well. Chocolate companies are positioning themselves to break into the lucrative health food market and Mars announced plans to market a line of products under the name CocoaVia which will be high in flavanols. Looks like Hershey will follow suit and increase flavanols in their dark chocolate products.

Studies will soon be performed on folks with compromised brain function to see if drinking a nice, hot mug of cocoa increases blood flow to their brains as well as the young lasses that participated in the original study.

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