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I always thought that eating right, exercising regularly, and limiting your alcohol intake went hand-in-hand. That's not so, according to data gathered from a government health survey. Researchers found that people who drink regularly seem to exercise more often than non-drinkers, and the more they drink, the more active they are.

According to the research, women who drank at least 46 drinks in the past month (one or two drinks per day) were considered heavy drinkers, and they exercised at least 20 minutes more a week than light or non-drinkers. Women who drank 15 to 45 drinks a month were considered moderate drinkers, and they exercised an extra 10 minutes a week as compared to alcohol abstainers. Those who enjoyed a drink or two a day were also more likely to take part in vigorous exercise like running.

Why the connection? To find out,


One reason drinkers may be more active is that they want to prevent weight gain from sipping all those liquid calories. Drinking certain beverages such as wine has also been linked to health benefits, so it makes sense that health-conscious women would exercise and feel good about enjoying a drink every so often. Drinkers may also be the type to be more adventurous or social and take part in team sports and outdoor activities like skiing or rock climbing. After sweating it out with friends outside, it's common to follow with a trip to the bar.

Tell me, does your healthy lifestyle include both exercising and drinking?

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