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Drinking Cold Water

What's the deal with drinking cold water? Is it bad for you? If you drink it, are you burning more calories? I'm here to set the record straight.

When you're in hot weather, you lose extra fluids. Drinking cold water actually helps to cool you from the inside lowering your body temperature, which also helps reduce your perceived effort.

So now we know it's good to drink cold water, but are we burning extra calories when we do? The answer is yes. Your body is burning calories to raise the temperature of the cold water to be equal to your body temp.

Don't go running away to stick ice in all of your bottles of water just yet. Drinking a 16 ounce glass of ice water only burns 17.5 calories. But if you're strictly sticking to the 8, 8 oz glasses of water a day rule, drinking 64 oz of cold water burns 70 calories. Over time, that 70 calories a day really adds up.

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cams cams 10 years
youve got to be kidding me. There is no way that warming up water burns 70 kcalories for every 64 ounces, that sounds way too high!! All food has a thermic effect, but we are always told to ingore it because it is so slight.
Fitness Fitness 10 years
I know what you mean. My friend's Homeopathic Dr told her the same thing about cold water being bad for digestion. Weird. Well, now we know.
amybdk amybdk 10 years
I hate urban myths! For a few years now I have tried not to drink as much cold water as I used to because I was told that it makes digestion difficult and is hard on your body! I could have lost über calories this way had I known! D'oh
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