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Is Drinking Water During Yoga OK?

Have You Ever Been Scolded During a Fitness Class?

During my last yoga class, I was indirectly called out by the teacher. After completing a challenging Warrior flow sequence, I was hot, sweaty, and thirsty, so I took a drink of water from my bottle and wiped the sweat off of my brow. The teacher walked by my mat, glanced at me, and then said to the class: "As you're moving through your practice today, remember that yoga is about being present and freeing yourself from distractions. Remember this as you readjust your clothes, drink water, or wipe sweat away. See if you can stop yourself from doing this until class is over."

Given the timing of her comments, I couldn't help but think that her thoughts were directed at me. As much as I get that yoga is about being present, I can't focus on my practice when I feel dehydrated or have sweat dripping in my eyes. I have to admit that her comments were hard to shake during the remainder of class. They didn't stop me from drinking water when I needed it, but I did feel a little guilty whenever I reached for my bottle.

Has an instructor ever called you out during class? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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stam487 stam487 5 years
Normally, when I go to the gym, I leave my phone in the locker and just enjoy the time away from it. One evening however, I was supposed to pick up my boyfriend from the airport and I was waiting for a call to see if his flight was delayed. So I decided to keep my phone with my while I took my spinning class. I had it in front of me on my handlebars but covered by my towel so I wouldn't be distracted. Sure enough, the instructor saw my phone and told everyone in the class "Turn off your cellphones. This is one hour when you don't need to be connected to the world. Just focus on your workout." No doubt that was directed at me. Nonetheless, it was an exception and I still wanted to get my workout in, so I ignored her and just enjoyed the class even more, knowing that my boyfriend got on his flight on time.
erickaf erickaf 5 years
If you need water, you need water. I got called out for spinning too slowly. She was diplomatic, but told me specifically to move faster. After class, she told me she hoped I wasn't upset about it. I wasn't. I hate spinning.
Linds1411 Linds1411 5 years
Wow. That is really horrible of that teacher. I could maybe understand saying something like that if the student was being obnoxious with drinking their water like noisy or really disrupting others...but being scolded for simply taking a drink during class? Horrible. I think that I would have said something along those lines afterwards to the teacher directly..
bcn1000 bcn1000 5 years
I do not like that at all. I understand what the teacher was going for, but probably not the best way to do it.
amber512 amber512 5 years
What a horrible teacher. I wouldn't take a class from someone who wanted me to not concentrate on what my body needs.
fuzzles fuzzles 5 years
fuzzles fuzzles 5 years
Oh yeah. I pants my swim coach on the deck before practice. He responded by launching a kickboard into the back of my head when I least expected it. *wide grin* Oh, and I was about 14 years old at the time.
2muchtv 2muchtv 5 years
That's a bad teacher. You're supposed to tell students that there are specified periods during class for water breaks, but if you need it, then take a sip. And who wants sweat in their eye? That's also bad. There's scolding for legitimate reasons (knees going past the toes, rounding of the back), but this teachers seems dangerous.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 5 years
so yoga is about listening to your body, except when it is telling you you need water? stupid.
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