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Drugs Manufactured in Filth

I hope you haven't been using any drugs or supplements made by General Therapeutics. U.S. marshals in St. Louis took more than $300,000 worth of drugs, vitamin supplements, and pet treatments from the company.

Why? The FDA found that some of their products lacked FDA approval and were manufactured under grossly unsanitary conditions. Inspectors found one of their products infested with live and dead beetles, as well as dead cockroaches and rodent droppings near the manufacturing equipment. Um, gross.

That's not all. Roof leaks resulting in water damage and contamination of food and drug containers were also discovered. Officials also found deteriorating chemicals that were potentially explosive. Sounds lovely.

General Therapeutics Corp. makes products such as Vitrin, a multivitamin; NC Solution, an antifungal product; and Pyran-50, a pet de-wormer. So check your bottles and ditch any products you have made by this company.

Fit's Tip: Always buy supplements with the USP Verified label. The USP label means an independent lab has verified the contents of the supplements have been made under good manufacturing practices.

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