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ER Docs: Texting and Motion Don't Mix

ER Docs: Texting and Motion Don't Mix

We have become a nation of texters. A few of you even text while at the gym. Texting on a treadmill is considerably safer than texting while crossing the street, and that is why the American College of Emergency Doctors issued a warning against texting while on the move.

It may seem simple to keep our thumbs busy on your BlackBerry while walking, but it can lead to minor accidents like twisted ankles and head wounds from streetlights, as well as unfortunate fatalities from stepping distractedly into oncoming traffic. Illinois is considering a law banning text-walking hoping to help its citizens avoid these tragic accidents.

The warning issued by ER docs isn't limited to text-waking. They think that texting and most activities just don't mix. Emergency rooms have treated patients who sustained injuries while mixing text messaging with horseback riding and cooking. My advice is to put the phone down and focus on the task at hand, even if it is as simple as walking down the sidewalk.

I am curious if any of you have hurt yourself while texting? Share the gory details in the comment section below.


tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
Common sense people, there's no need for a ridiculous new law that would end up being almost completely unenforceable.
Diana-Prince Diana-Prince 9 years
I'm pretty bad about texting while doing other things. I've never hurt myself while texting and walking but I've had a few close calls while texting and driving. Needless to say I don't do that anymore.
VastAspiration VastAspiration 9 years
I always trip or stumble over my feet if I try to text on the elliptical at the gym! Not cute!
bluebird bluebird 9 years
I can't even walk fifty feet without tripping over a crack in the sidewalk. Texting and walking might kill me!
BlackPowerBunny BlackPowerBunny 9 years
i admit that every blue moon i might text someone, but i have responses programmed so i don't have to type much. now, texting and crossing the street...really? that's idiotic. of course, common sense ain't that common.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Why the heck is everyone texting all the time anyway? Can't you just, ya know, send an email or call the person? I never text people because I think it's stupid, plus it costs extra money on my cellphone plan.
kittyhill kittyhill 9 years
I don't really text myself, but I know that the state of Utah came up with a billboard campaign last summer against "distracted driving," mainly targeting texting & driving. It was started by a woman whose daughter was killed on her graduation night by someone who ran a red light while texting on their phone. So sad.
HappyKate HappyKate 9 years
Its sad that a warning has to be issued...I mean seriously common sense here people! I had someone step right in front of my car while texting, luckily I wasn't going that fast! Crazyness
alikat07 alikat07 9 years
I've seen people trying to text on bikes... just ridiculous. Whoever you need to text can wait.
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 9 years
This is just absurd. Why? and why? But I guess people still drink and drive knowing its bad as well.
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 9 years
People text while horseback riding and cooking? Odd. I'm more disturbed by the fact that the local news needs to make reports telling people not to text and drive because that means people actually do.
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