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Ease Sore Muscles With The Stick

Got enough muscle soreness to complain but not enough extra cash to be able to afford a masseuse?

You may want to try The Stick. The Stick is a great product to help anyone ease muscle soreness on your own. It has been tested to prevent & predict muscle injuries, prepare muscles for physical activity, disperse the effects of lactic acid (the initial burn while lifting) following activity and accelerate muscle recovery. The Stick is simply a rod that is surrounded by spindles, which are then rolled independently over the muscle. This allows people to self-perform general massage procedures with a higher degree of precision than normal.

Basically there are all these really scientific and biomechanical reasons why you should use the stick but in an effort to save you from boredom, consider this: After (or before) a good workout, it just feels really, really good. The most popular model is the Original Body Stick ($34.95) because it's 24" length and has 15 working spindles that can address most muscle groups with ease. Buy it and other models directly from

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