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Good Buns Are Hard to Find

If you're trying to make your barbecue a little healthier by grilling up salmon burgers instead of ones made out of beef, don't skimp on the buns. It is easy to be fooled by ones that look healthy, but still have enriched flour listed as the first ingredient. As you'll recall, enriched flour is made when good old healthy wheat flour is processed and stripped of all the nutrients, and then companies add a little back in. The word "enriched" sounds healthy, but this is not what you want to be eating.

Go on a bun mission to find ones made with whole wheat flour. But don't stop there — make sure your buns are free of corn syrup as well. If you're in a bun conundrum and can't find any made with healthy ingredients, pick up some regular bread and use slices of that as your bun.

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