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Eat Every Four Hours to Prevent Late-Night Snacking

Some people eat minimally throughout their day; either they're too busy or they're trying to lose weight. When dinner time rolls around, these folks often stuff themselves silly. In response to their previous evening of eating, they don't eat much again throughout the next day, but the late night eating pattern repeats itself. By limiting calorie (read energy) intake during the day, they've created an imbalanced metabolism, which can lead to weight gain and affect blood sugar levels.

The best way to manage your eating habits is to eat every four hours. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and throw in one or two snacks between if your meals are more than four hours apart. Eating throughout your day will satiate your hunger so you'll be less likely to crave late-night snacks. I'd also feel free to indulge a little on sweets or whatever you crave, so that when night time rolls around, feelings of deprivation don't force you to devour an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's.


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