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Splurge on a Little Real Stuff, Not a Lot of Fake Stuff

My mother-in-law is big into light versions of everything. Light ice cream, light potato chips, light cranberry juice, and light salad dressings are just a few things you'd find in her fridge. Many people go for light foods because the lower calorie count makes them appear to be healthier. Although many times they're filled with extra sodium, sugar, or chemical additives to make up for the ingredients the company has removed or decreased. This means not only are these lighter versions less nutritious, they also end up tasting like diet foods. If you go for the fake version, you'll end up feeling gypped and hungry, and will most likely either overeat the light stuff or devour other foods to satisfy your cravings.

My advice is to go ahead and splurge a little. Choose small servings or bites of the really good stuff you want like cheesecake, potato chips, chocolate, and other indulgences instead of eating a huge serving of the fake, unhealthy stuff. Both your taste buds and brain will feel satiated and happy. What's your favorite splurge?

TiVo TiVo 7 years
I totally agree with danakscullly64. I don't go for the lightest thing out there when it comes to treats (ie: flavorless sorbet, sugar-ladden weight watchers treats, etc.), but I do go lighter than normal. My favorite sweet treat is Edy's Slow Churned Cookies & Cream. I have to be careful not to polish of 3 servings of that stuff; it usually isn't allowed in the house. On the other hand, it's still better for you than Haagen!
danakscully64 danakscully64 7 years
I like to buy the Dreyer's Slow Churned. There's not a huge difference between that one and the Grand, but I buy it anyway (40 less calories, 2g less saturated fat, 2g less sugar). The ingredients list doesn't differ much either. I don't buy a lot of processed foods, but when I do, I typically buy the full fat.
LifeguardSteph LifeguardSteph 7 years
Lava brownie with raspberry sauce!
Pistil Pistil 7 years
I like this advice. I hate the taste of most "light" or "diet" products, and it's not like they have any more nutritional value than their counterparts.
flarewick flarewick 7 years
Once every few months, I'd go out and indulge by myself. Being alone watching a great movie and munching on a Baconator or a Quarter Pounder feels strangely therapeutic. I think it's healthy to just let go every once in a while.
courtneyd courtneyd 7 years
Mmm, I always buy Haagen Daz, and this makes me want a pint now. My biggest splurge is probably full fat plain Greek yogurt, instead of no fat, because I rarely buy light versions of the "unhealthy stuff" mentioned. However, I loved the Ruffles 1/3 less fat potato chips - they seemed less greasy-tasting. They're hard to find now that baked chips are so popular, it seems.
fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
Baaaaaaaacon! :@)
bryseana bryseana 7 years
I've been craving some Haagen Daz chocolate chocolate chip, but I can't find it anywhere - hope it wasn't discontinued.
thatsnotfab thatsnotfab 7 years
I agree. I used to buy the dieted versions of ice all the time, but I would indeed eat more than a serving because it just wasn't satisfying. These days, I just have a couple spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry's and I'm good to go.
Brittneylb Brittneylb 7 years
Im totally guilty of splurging on that fat free ice cream pictured. I was totally craving chocolate and it did not satisfy so I ended up eating way too much. I would have been better off with the real thing!
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