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Eat Foods You Crave in Moderation

Splurge on a Little Real Stuff, Not a Lot of Fake Stuff

My mother-in-law is big into light versions of everything. Light ice cream, light potato chips, light cranberry juice, and light salad dressings are just a few things you'd find in her fridge. Many people go for light foods because the lower calorie count makes them appear to be healthier. Although many times they're filled with extra sodium, sugar, or chemical additives to make up for the ingredients the company has removed or decreased. This means not only are these lighter versions less nutritious, they also end up tasting like diet foods. If you go for the fake version, you'll end up feeling gypped and hungry, and will most likely either overeat the light stuff or devour other foods to satisfy your cravings.

My advice is to go ahead and splurge a little. Choose small servings or bites of the really good stuff you want like cheesecake, potato chips, chocolate, and other indulgences instead of eating a huge serving of the fake, unhealthy stuff. Both your taste buds and brain will feel satiated and happy. What's your favorite splurge?

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