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Eat Kale: Leafy Greens in Honor of St. Patty's Day

Eat Kale: Leafy Greens in Honor of St. Patty's Day

Since St. Patrick's Day is March 17th, why not eat something that's green and loaded with good stuff (instead of the green bagels like they have at my bakery)?

Kale is a member of the same family that you'll find broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower in, so you know it has got to be good for you. Not only is kale healthy, it's considered to be one of the most highly nutritious vegetables, with powerful immune-boosting antioxidants, as well as a unique rich flavor.

Although you can find this beautiful leafy green vegetable throughout the year, it is in season, and the sweetest tasting from mid-winter through the beginning of spring.

Why is kale so nutritious? It contains something called phytonutrients that may prevent cancer, because they can help to neutralize potentially carcinogenic substances in your body. Kale is also known for its health benefits for your eyes and lungs.

Its deep green color lets you know that kale is an excellent source of all the basic nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese. It is also a very good source of dietary fiber, calcium, copper, and potassium. This combination of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients makes kale a vegetable celebrity.

Fit's Tips: Raw kale can have a tough texture and bitter taste. You can lightly steam a few leaves and eat it plain, or add a little dressing and some sesame seeds to it. Or you can rip up the leaves and sauté them with other veggies in a stir-fry.

Want to know how you can get your very own "Eat More Kale" shirt? Then

Check out these t-shirts that say "Eat More Kale." They're handmade in Vermont and you can order them from the website. They have women's, kid's, and men's short and long sleeve shirts. They cost $18 - 28.

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Porkchopz Porkchopz 10 years
I just posted a recipe I came up with in my Myspace blog: I like both flowering (purple) and green kale, but for this recipe, I think the green has a much more appetizing appearance. The following measurements are approximations, since I rarely use measurements (or recipes, ironically) when I cook: You will need: 1/2 tbsp. each of minced ginger and garlic 3 tbsp. each of soy sauce and white wine (the wine is optional) 2 tbsp. of olive oil 1 tbsp of raw pine nuts A fistful of kale. So...about 10 leaves, I suppose? (told you I don't use measurements) Preparation: *Heat 1 tbsp. of the olive oil in a small skillet, and add ginger and garlic *While the oil heats, rinse your kale in a strainer and discard the stems. Pull apart into smaller pieces. *Place kale (still wet) into skillet *Pour soy sauce and wine over kale *Cover skillet with lid and allow the greens to wilt *In a separate skillet, heat up some olive oil or margarine *Toss raw pine nuts into skillet and let them brown on medium-high heat (takes about 5 minutes) *When kale is wilted, fork into bowls/plates and top with browned pine nuts This recipe makes enough for 2 people as a side dish, or one large lunch serving. I tossed mine with prosciutto for lunch today and it was reeeeally good. Very salty and satisfying.
swwonder swwonder 10 years
I love Kale, they use it my Grandma cooks with it all the time - I think it's used in Jamaican cooking a lot.
redegg redegg 10 years
I've heard that eating a diet high in alkaic(?) foods rather than acidic ones will prevent numerous sicknesses and disease, i.e. cancer. I don't know if alkaic is exactly the right term, but it means, kale, spinach, basically any vegetable on the opposite end of the Ph scale from foods w/ high acidic content. Acidic refers to fruits, also coffee and sugars. That's the basis for diets such as the macrobiotic that has been around for hundreds of years that Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow follow. Started in Asia.
daiseechain daiseechain 10 years
i love kale too, especially in a dip. mmm yummy
Beaner Beaner 10 years
I've seen these bumber stickers - I didn't know they were made in VT! Love the shirts. And love kale too!
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