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Eating Through the Holiday Stress

Do you find the holidays to be particularly stressful? If so, you may find a few extra unwanted pounds under your clothes come next year.

This year, try your hardest not to turn to food this season. Women, in particular, find the holidays to be stressful as we feel the need to make it perfect for all our loved ones. This leaves many of us laying in our beds at night, sobbing while clutching a box of Ho-Hos. Not good.

MSNBC reported that the studies by the American Psychological Association show that nearly half of all American women suffer from holiday related stress which can lead to comfort eating and weight gain.

If you suffer from holiday stress and emotional eating try going easy on yourself this holiday season with these tips:

  • Get others to pitch in -- Don't just ask people to help, assign them tasks.
  • Find time for yourself -- Schedule a massage and have your in-laws watch the kids.
  • Go easy on the decorating -- Everyone will still have a good time even if your house doesn't look like the Griswald's from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.
  • There's more tips, so

  • Shop online -- Crowds, lines and lugging bags around can contribute to stress.
  • Exercise -- Working out is a fabulous way to combat stress and burn calories.
  • Don't schedule big group excursions -- Trying to coordinate 12 people going to the zoo seems like a good idea until you are actually trying to get out the door.
  • Don't keep items you can easily binge on in sight -- Candy bowls are easy targets for emotional eating, if it's not there you won't eat it.

Fit's Tip: Still stressed? Keep healthy foods offhand so that if you turn to food, its something healthy -- Instead of eating all the candy canes off the tree, reach for veggies and hummus.

Need support and help on keeping on track this holiday season? Be sure to join my "Diet Support Group."

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MelissaRivers MelissaRivers 10 years
cool! thanks!
bfly1133 bfly1133 10 years
Hey Melissa, if you look back a couple of posts you will find the recipes you are looking for. :)
MelissaRivers MelissaRivers 10 years
i had SO MANY latkes last night! Do you know of any healthy latke recipes?
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