Ellie Goulding's Fitness Tips Aren't as Hard as You Think

Sep 22 2015 - 6:45am

Ellie Goulding has always struck me as someone who genuinely loves to work out [1], but it wasn't until seeing her at this year's N+TC Tour LA [2] (which I attended as a guest of Nike) that I understood how much her life is focused on health. It was during an interview before the night's festivities that Ellie touched on the importance of fitness in her day-to-day routine. It's empowered her to be better in all aspects of her life [3] and continues to challenge her in ways she previously thought unimaginable. It's also what gives her the energy to keep going through major tours and back-to-back shows.

As someone who struggles to make it to the gym four times a week, I was impressed at how Ellie is able to find time to work out despite her crazy schedule. Lucky for me, Ellie's tips are simple to follow — no fancy trainer or high-priced gym required.

She Doesn't Put Workouts on Hold

Ellie travels a lot, and whether she's on tour or attending an events like Fashion Week, she makes fitness a priority. Her piece of advice is to book a hotel that has a gym — even better if it's open around the clock. When Ellie is dealing with jet lag, popping down to the gym is the perfect way for her to unwind.

If you don't have access to a gym, book a class at a local fitness studio (Ellie's partial to Barry's Bootcamp) or lace up your shoes and head outside. Going on a run or hike is an excellent way to get familiar with an unknown city.

She Keeps Workout Buddies on Speed Dial

While she has no problem going at it solo, Ellie is a huge fan of working out with someone; it helps motivate her and holds her accountable. "The best way to push your limits is to find a buddy who will push you further," Ellie said. "You work for them."

She Knows When It's Enough

If you're not careful, your fitness routine can be what hurts your body instead of helps. It was after rounding out her fitness routine with Pilates and yoga that Ellie realized her intense training regimen was putting too much stress on her body.

"I sometimes beat myself up if I don’t train for few days or don’t do cardio or strength, but you need to give your body and mind a break." Ellie said. "It’s good to have that goal, but also don’t be too hard on yourself — you need the yin to the yang."

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