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Looking for an easy and convenient way to get your dose of vitamins? Emergen-C comes in little packets - when you pour the powder into 4-6 oz of water, it fizzes up and 32 mineral complexes and B vitamins instantly form.

It contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C, 200 mg of potassium, 50 mg of calcium, 2 mg of zinc, and 25 mcg of vitamin B12 just to name a few.

I keep packets in my purse, in my suitcase when I travel, in the car, and in my work out bag.

Anytime I come in contact with sick people or I feel the slightest bit of a cold coming on - I down some Emergen-C and I swear it fights any signs of sickness right out of me.

Tangerine not your favorite? No problem - Emergen-C comes in other flavors such as Lemon-Lime, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Cranberry, and even Coffee. They also have a Lite version which contains less sugar.

Besides being great for fighting colds, you can also get packets for Bone Health, Joint Health and Heart Health. They even make Multi-Vitamin packets for adults and kids.

Fit's Tips: You can buy individual packets for about $.35 which is super cheap. But if you go through these like water, you might want to invest in a box of 36.

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katie225 katie225 10 years
i'm going to buy this and give it out to all my girls (i coach the freshman cheer squad at a high school)! i'm so tired of the "i'm sick" excuses! so what, you're sick, we have a competition in one week! take one of these.
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
i love this stuff and my BF is religious about drinking it!
DStirk DStirk 10 years
i have the raspberry flavor in my purse right now! I love this stuff.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 10 years
I was going to go and buy some Airborne. But now I am awondering if this would be better? I have some solid Women's One a Day vitamins but unless I eat a big bowl of cereal they make me nauseaus. Also, I wonder if I could still take the pill and then take the packet? I'm all in.
azucar_maddy azucar_maddy 10 years
Thanks for letting us know about the Lite version. I've been going through my box of 36..but haven't been happy with the fact that each little packet contains 5g of sugar!
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