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Healthy Eating Tips
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Emotional Eating: Do You Gain or Lose Weight When Upset?

When You're Upset, Do You Tend to Gain or Lose Weight?

Life can feel like a roller coaster at times and when dealing with breakups, fights with your best friend, the chronic illness of a family, your emotions can affect your appetite. When deeply upset, some people reach for ice cream, cake, and chips all at once to comfort themselves, while others may feel so depressed, they push their dinner plates away. Even celebs aren't immune to how life's events affect the scale. I'm curious, how does being upset affect your eating habits and, subsequently, your weight? If you tend to gain, here are some tips to help you stop emotional eating.

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ticamorena ticamorena 5 years
lately i've gone from an emotional overeater to an emotional undereater. even though i've been exhausted, super stressed and not seriously planning what i eat, i'm too wound up to bother with crisps, chocolates, and rubbish food. plus i know it will make me feel worse. i'm literally so un-motivated with my diet i eat weetabix for breakfast, porridge for lunch and bread for dinner, interspersed with fruit and veg here and there. could do with more protein.
Jenny-Sugar Jenny-Sugar 5 years
It depends on the emotion. If I'm stressed, I eat more and gain, but if I'm truly sad, I lose my appetite.
amber512 amber512 5 years
Even if I don't pile into food, the stress seems to make my weight creep up.
emoluv emoluv 5 years
well you can gain weight i dont i lose weight because i starve myself and dont eat but when im upset i dont just go and eat everything i can fing i usally go and hide and dont eat for a while do i tend to lose weight and have a hard time gaining it back..
wickedlanie wickedlanie 5 years
More often than not, I gain. I usually dive right into tequila bottles and pints of ice cream when I'm really down. I do occasionally lose when I start using exercise to deal with the emotions and I over-exercise. Can you tell I have issues?
Gabriela-Une-Vie-Saine Gabriela-Une-Vie-Saine 5 years
Gain, definitely. I'm the definition of an emotional eater- something I'm constantly working on.
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