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Encourage Health

Now that you're taking such great care of yourself, and planning to live a long and healthy life, you want the same for the people you care about. What fun would it be to live till you're 99 years old without your friends and family around?

Here are some ways you can encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle:

  • Exercise together. Invite your loved ones to go for a walk after dinner, an early morning bike ride, a hike, or a game of badminton or Frisbee. Or pop in an exercise DVD to do together. Or take them to a yoga or salsa dance class. The possibilities are endless. Who knows, after a while, they may be motivating you to exercise.
  • Go grocery shopping together. Point out all the healthy foods and brands you eat like almond butter, avocado, and Stonyfield Farms yogurt. Also point out the ones that have trans fat, those that are high in saturated fat, and those with tons of sodium.
  • Share healthy recipes and tips. One of my favorite tips (that I learned from a fellow healthy friend) is to pack serving sizes of snacks in little ziploc baggies, instead of eating straight out of the original box or bag.

There are more tips. To hear them,

  • Buy inspirational magazines and books about health and fitness, and leave them on the coffee table, in the bathroom (great place to read), or on their nightstand. If they don't live in the same house as you, pass on the mags you've finished, or loan out your books.
  • Tell them about new healthy snacks you've discovered, or alternatives to the foods they love, like Gardenburgers instead of hamburgers.
  • Cook and bake for them. Invite them over for lunch, or bring over a healthy dish to share. Once they see how delicious and satisfying healthy eating is, they'll be more inspired to learn how to cook healthier for themselves.

Do you have any other ways that you encourage others to be healthy? Share your ideas below - I'd love to hear them.


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