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Enter Our Super Giveaway to Get Fit For 2009!

I'm a big believer in starting fresh in the New Year, but those resolutions aren't always easy to keep. So to help you out, we're giving away a super-duper Get Fit For 2009 prize package worth more than $3,000. Seriously?! Yes, seriously.

One lucky winner will receive a year of personalized nutrition plans by nutritionist Alexa L. Fishback, plus a copy of her book; a $1,000 Nike gift card; and two annual memberships to Bally Total Fitness along with some great Bally's gear. To enter to win, just log in and take the quiz below by 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, Feb. 8. Your eligibility isn't based on getting the questions right, just on completing the quiz once you are logged in. See the complete rules here.

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T/F: It's proper gym etiquette to wipe down any equipment you used in your workout, especially if it was a particularly sweaty one.

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What is the name of this weightlifting move?

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Which athletic gear company sponsors tennis player Maria Sharapova?

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What is the name of the new Nike training shoe for women?

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Which of these foods is high in saturated fat (that's the bad kind of fat)?

6 of 10

One gram of fat contains how many calories?

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A 10k race is the equivalent of how many miles?

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Nike is the Greek goddess of which of the following?

9 of 10

What was the name of the first sports bra?

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Which of the following is NOT a macronutrient?

Join The Conversation
my4fellows my4fellows 8 years
This would be fantastic for me and my daughter.
memetu memetu 8 years
Healthy prizes are like gifts from God. Thank you so much for the chance.
Swtlilchick Swtlilchick 8 years
I feel like am in shape after taking that quiz
ash6635 ash6635 8 years
This prize seems too good to be true! its amazing!
brmetcalf brmetcalf 8 years
A great way to start a new year! Thanks for having the great contest!
AmethystToeShoes AmethystToeShoes 8 years
This Sweepstakes has a prize I would be THRILLED~~OVERJOYED To Win!!! I have been needing to see a nutritionist for over 4 years! I DREAM/Dare to win!!!!! Tomorrow is my Birthday! My Health is the #1 thing in my life that I really want to improve! WOW! A $1,000 Nike gift certificate. I need new walking. running shoes! Wishing upon the brightest Star in Tucson Arizona Sky tonight! Crossing my fingers and my toes!
missalibeth missalibeth 8 years
This is great!
sunbuminaz sunbuminaz 8 years
I certainly could use HELP
strawberry3d strawberry3d 8 years
gotta win sooner or later.
snow-flake snow-flake 8 years
wow, this is an amazing prize!
seyory seyory 8 years
6/10 good luck everyone!
jackiestt jackiestt 8 years
I didn't do so well on the quiz.
pwhite98270 pwhite98270 8 years
I hope I win eventhough I know less than I thought about fitness.
badodds badodds 8 years
I always need new Nike gear!
mowhawkx2 mowhawkx2 8 years
10 for 10, best prize ever
msshellokitty msshellokitty 8 years
I would love this prize.
spicy80 spicy80 8 years
I seriously need that gym membership. Lol!
lindoksu lindoksu 8 years
Finally a prize to really change ones life--sure hope I win
southside23 southside23 8 years
great prize would love to win for myself and family ciao
freakdujour freakdujour 8 years
darcybel darcybel 8 years
Great Prize!
tamlin8817 tamlin8817 8 years
yup, really need to loose a LOT
atomic83 atomic83 8 years
Fun quiz - I learned a few things!
curlyblu918 curlyblu918 8 years
great prize
apacia apacia 8 years
nice giveaway!!
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