Exactly Which Erogenous Zone You Should Play Up Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Jun 25 2018 - 5:05pm

You might like a few different body parts touched in bed, but some areas desire some extra love. These parts might make you go weak in the knees or find your orgasm faster [1] than others, based on your zodiac sign preferences. Of course, everyone is different, so it's not a guarantee that you'll appreciate the area assigned to your sign, but it's still worth testing out. Astrologer Valerie Mesa [2] explains why each sign might get extra excited when certain body parts are touched based on their personality traits that are aligned with the stars. Who knows, you might have just found your new favorite way to have a better and longer orgasm [3].

Aries: Head

"In Astrology, Aries rules the head and the first house of self (our first impression)," Mesa said. "Whether it's an erotic head massage [5] or a soft caress on the face, Aries will become easily aroused." Playing with their hair, though, is what will really get them going. "Although, Aries will be Aries, and that will eventually turn into naughty hair pulling," Mesa said.

Taurus: Neck

"Taurus rules the throat and the second house in the zodiac. In the bedroom, [their] pleasure zone is anywhere around their neck," Mesa said. "Ruled by Venus, Taurus is technically considered the most sensual sign in the zodiac, and simply kissing their neck could drive them to ecstasy." Are you ready for an all-nighter? Once Taurus is turned on, there's no going back.

Gemini: Hands

"Gemini rules the arms, shoulders, hands, and overall nervous system. Despite their fickle personality, Gemini is pretty consistent about what turns them on — they want anything but the ordinary," Mesa said. "During sex, the sign of the twins wants a buffet of foreplay [7], which means they expect their lover to be hands-on, literally." In other words, touch their hands, suck on their fingers, and kiss their shoulders. Taunting and teasing is their favorite pastime.

Cancer: Breasts

"In astrology, Cancer is considered the most nurturing and feminine sign in the zodiac," Mesa said. "In the bedroom, Cancer wants intense intimacy and deep makeout sessions. But if you really want to turn them on, the key is anything involving their breasts and nipples [9]."

Leo: Back

"Ruled by the shiny and charismatic sun, Leo is always the star of the show — especially in the bedroom. [They want] to be worshiped, admired, and desired — not too much to ask for, right?" Mesa said. Although when it comes to turn-ons, the most sensitive part of Leo's body is the back. "Whether you're giving them a massage or simply running your fingers down their spine, you will surely hear them roar," she said.

Virgo: Stomach

"Virgo rules the abdomen, spleen, and intestines. A giver at heart, Virgo is turned on by good hygiene and attention to details," Mesa said. In the bedroom, cleanliness is a must and primal sex is a given. "Their stomach is their most erogenous zone, and soft kissing [11] and caressing will surely arouse the Virgo," Mesa added.

Libra: Lower Back

"Ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Libra's sex drive is equivalent to their irresistible charm. In the bedroom, the sign of the scales is fair and giving to their lover," Mesa said. But if you really want to turn them on, focus on their lower back and butt. "Libra rules the seventh house of relationships and partnerships. In other words, grab the booty if you want them to put a ring on it," Mesa said.

Scorpio: Genitalia

"Now, I'm sure you're like, 'Who doesn't get turned on when it involves their you know what?' Obviously. But it's different for Scorpio," Mesa said. "Aside from being the sexpots of the zodiac, this water sign secretly thinks about sex 24/7. (It doesn't help that their sex organs are more sensitive than most too.)," she said. Scorpio is a master at having orgasms, and, well, put it this way, all it takes is the right graze. "It's simple: oral sex [13] is their kryptonite," she said.

Sagittarius: Hips

"For Sagittarius, it's the hips and thighs. Ruled by the lucky and optimistic sign of Jupiter, the sign of the archer wants to try everything at least once," Mesa said. For Sag, sex is an adventure, and they want their partner to enjoy sex as much as they do. "If you're not the outdoors or adventurous type, make sure to grab their hips when declining the invite to that sporadic road trip. They'll be sure to let that one slide," Mesa said.

Capricorn: Legs

"Ruled by serious Saturn, Capricorn lives for power, authority, and respect. It takes a while for [them] to feel comfortable around their lover, but once they do, their sex is consistent and bossy just like their personality," Mesa said. But if you really want to turn them on, a soft caress or knee grab will take the Capricorn man or woman to another level of arousal.

Aquarius: Calves

"Ruled by electric Uranus, Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac, and this sign wants anything but the norm," Mesa said. In the bedroom, their sex drive is strange and sporadic, just like their mood. "This air sign wants their love to be as unconventional as possible, and Aquarius rules the calves and ankles," Mesa said.

Pisces: Feet

"Ruled by elusive Neptune, those born under the sign of Pisces are incredibly intuitive and full of imagination. According to astrology, the sign of the fish rules the feet," Mesa said. "In the bedroom, Pisces can be anything you want them to be. Submissive and sensual, the fish lives to please their partner." Want to take Pisces to the next level? Worship them — and start with their feet.

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