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What Happens During Savasana in Your Class?

The final resting pose in a yoga class known as Savasana is so relaxing, but FitSugar reader bigestivediscuit shared an especially relaxing experience in the Yoga Stretch and Tell community group.

Last night I had a nearly orgasmic moment on the train ride home when the breeze coming through the hot subway carriage's window made the China gel my yoga instructor had massaged into my neck during Savasana feel a-mazing.   The menthol cooled my neck and I breathed in the essential oils deeply, which was totally and utterly relaxing.  Even after I showered, a bit of the gel remained in my neck and shoulders, making me drift off into the most peaceful sleep ever.

I can't lie — having a mini neck massage after a particularly challenging Vinyasa flow class is like heaven.  Upon relating this to my best friend, she confessed that the reason why she returned to a certain instructor's class again and again is because he stood on his students' feet (I guess the soles of their feet were on the floor, with bent knees, so he stepped on the tops of the feet) for about ten seconds each during Savasana, which was insanely relaxing.


Some instructors guide their students through a meditation, light candles, play music or come by each student's mat to gently press their shoulders or hips into the floor.  What's your favorite part of Savasana and what does your instructor do during that time?

If yoga is one of your obsessions, then you'll want to check out the Yoga Stretch and Tell community group.

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KMattes KMattes 7 years
When I lived in Maui, my favorite instructor did head massages, adjusted our shoulders slightly and did the washcloth thing mentioned above. Now that I'm back on the east coast in my small town, I can't find an instructor who does anything!
Stacey-Cakes Stacey-Cakes 7 years
At my bikram studio, each student is given a refrigerated washcloth soaked in water and essential oil (usually eucalyptus) during the final savasana. Most students place it on their forehead or over their eyes. It is so amazing to have to be relaxing with this cold washcloth after sweating and working your bum off for 90 minutes.
Knight-Who-Says-Ni Knight-Who-Says-Ni 7 years
Just *reading* that was relaxing. That sounds amazing. I've never had a yoga instructor do anything like that - I should find one!
Beaner Beaner 7 years
In the classes I used to go to, I knew the instructor, so you used to give me head rubs, and then placed an eye pillow over my eyes. it was amazing. I've also had instructors massage my feet with lotion and that is divine!
threadhunter threadhunter 7 years
it is relaxing - when the instructor has really good massage oil/lotion. however, one instructor at a gym, not a yoga studio, had the worst smelling lotion. i'm not kidding it smelled like lemon pledge. i wreaked, my sweatshirt that i put on after class smelled, the lotion was in my hair - it was hideous. and b/c i'm sensitive to scents, i had a [channeling jersey shore here] 'friggen headache' that i couldn't shake for 2 days. anymore, when lotion/spray/oil is offered in savasana, i ask to smell it first. lesson learned.
lauren lauren 7 years
that does sound insanely relaxing!
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