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Evaluate Your Fitness Buddy

So you've followed my advice and gotten yourself a fitness buddy, problem is, they seem to be doing more harm than good.

Make sure that your fitness pal pushes and motivates you rather than holds you back. If you partner up with someone who is less advanced or less motivated than you are, you may not reap all the benefits of a workout. For example, if you're finally able to run 25 minutes without stopping, running with someone who needs to stop every five minutes may not be to the best of your interest (and may be detrimental to your progress). Plus, some people just do better on their own than working out with someone else. If you must have someone else to workout with you, then just be sure to push yourself on your own.


Spectra Spectra 10 years
This is the primary reason that I can't have my husband be my fitness buddy. I'm just in way better shape than he is...I'll run 12 miles and be fine while he is ready to quit after a mile. Good thing I'm motivated enough on my own to be able to get through my workouts.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 10 years
I wish I had a fitness pal :( But I guess all the people I made friedns with at the gym really push me. Like make fun of me if I leave early or if I'm not running on the treadmill!
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