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Don't worry if you feel undisciplined when it comes to working out — you are not alone. Biggest Loser trainer and creator of a handful of popular workout DVDs, Jillian Michaels admitted to Health that she's not the most focused fitness fiend. When asked one area of her life where she is undisciplined, she answered "The only thing I would tell you is fitness." Shocking, I know. To keep her workouts tough, this famous trainer works with a trainer. "He's a monster. He pushes me in ways I wouldn't push myself," says the woman voted Healthiest Body, by the magazine.

For all you who feel that getting to the gym or working hard once you're there, is out of your scope, I hope you're comforted and motivated by Jillian's statement. When you feel your motivation waning and can spend some dough, invest in a month's worth or more of sessions with a trainer. If you have stopped pushing yourself, work out with a buddy or take a group fitness class since those instructors will keep you lunging and squatting longer than you would if you were by yourself.

I want to hear about your relationship with fitness. Do you feel disciplined or not? Are you working out with a trainer? Friends?
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lighthouselady lighthouselady 7 years
Knowing that I have to post my exercises at keeps me motivated. I don't want to let down the people there to whom I am accountable.
annm16 annm16 7 years
As long as I do it regularly, I stay motivated. Getting started is my only problem. I don't stay as structured as I should though, which I should work on.
KSeps KSeps 7 years
Motivation to workout alludes me constantly. I hear about friends running marathons and think I can do it too, then a hour later I'm drinking a beer and smoking cigarettes with abandon. I've tried waking up earlier, but I sleep through my alarm. After work, I'm braindead, pushed to the limit in all other areas of my life. I'm attempting to push myself to be stronger since continued chubbiness will negatively impact my success in the other areas that I'm working so hard in.
DivaDivine DivaDivine 7 years
I had a great P.E. teacher in high school and have been exercising ever since. Motivation to workout doesn't elude me often, esp. since I switch up my routine weekly. Eating properly is my challenge.
katyharper katyharper 7 years
Motivation for me has a snowball effect: when I'm working out regularly, I want to keep doing so. But when I'm making excuses, it's easier to keep on making them. Luckily I've worked my butt off this week, so I'm hoping the trend continues!
komler komler 7 years
I kind of lost my motivation a couple of weeks ago, when I got sick, and I haven't been to the gym since. I just started regaining my energy after getting sick, and I'm not getting overly motivated by knowing that there are a gazillion people there now who all have their little new year's resolutions to go to the gym. I hate crowded gyms.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I don't usually have a problem getting motivation to work out, but it's kind of encouraging in a way that even Jillian isn't always super-eager to get to the gym.
therword therword 7 years
Ah, yes, Crazy Trainer Steve. I miss her radio show. :(
tuliprush tuliprush 7 years
I work out with a trainer every Monday and Wednesday. I have been going to him for the last 4 months now, and have found it undeniably beneficial. He kicks my ass and I kid you not, EVERY workout, we are doing different exercises. Who knew there were so many different variations?! Seeing him also keeps me going to the gym consistently. I hate canceling appointments, because I value other people's times, so on days when I would NEVER have gone normally, I go and make my session...and when I leave, I am so happy I went!
kclulu kclulu 7 years
Motivation has never been a problem for me. Ask me about willpower when it comes to refraining from eating certain foods though and it is an entrely different story! I have been working out with and training my boyfriend for the past few months and I find on those rare days I feel a little lazy, knowing he is planning on working out, I will get motovated to go too. Not only is it more fun but I am a wee bit competetive and don't want to be less in shape than him:)He lost 30 pound last year and I am very proud of how dedicated he has been, it is very inspiring.
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