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A hundred years ago, basic living was a lot more work. From chopping vegetables to walking to work, the average energy expenditure for an individual was three to five times higher than today. That means everyone burned more calories just by going about their day. Our modern conveniences from peeled, chopped, and sliced baby carrots to our automobiles have left us a little soft.

I have been trying to drive less these days and have been hoofing it to the grocery store. Yep, I am burning extra calories instead of petrol fuel, but I am also doing a little weight training on the move. Instead of packing my girls in the car, we all put on backpacks and walked to the new Trader Joe's in our neighborhood. It was a fun family adventure, and we stocked up on food to boot. Carrying a pack loaded with packaged goods and cereal is a great way to burn some calories. Add a couple of bags of groceries and you're toning your arms. Just pay attention to what you're putting in those grocery bags. Americans may be exercising more these days than a decade ago, but as a population we're still overweight. Meaning, we need to watch what we eat, too.

I know that since I live in an urban environment, walking to destinations is easy for me, but I encourage you to figure out how to burn extra calories doing your daily chores. If you cannot bike to work or walk to a local restaurant for dinner, add squats to your laundry folding routine or try triceps dips on your bumper while fueling up your car. Fitness opportunities lurk in the hum drum corners of our lives — you just have to look for them.

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Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 7 years
Easier said than done, LET ME TELL YOU!
Mouzzer Mouzzer 7 years
I walk to the grocery store and the bakery all of the time, but for larger hauls, I would love my partner/hubby to come along with me, but he never does and always wants to take the car which sucks. I mean, it's only 25 minutes away. I enjoy walking to get these things. I rent and have always made sure I live within walking distance of these things....I wouldn't be very content without it.
trinachka trinachka 7 years
Even if you live far away from markets and such, you could try parking your car half- to 1/4-way away and sneak in more steps that way.
misslilad misslilad 7 years
i live just a few blocks away from the grocery store so i always walk unless i am getting a bag of dog food at the petco nearby. i used to try and carry the 40lb bag home but always end up messing up my back so now i drive on those days once a month. as for the rest, i walk to the grocery store, use my cloth bags and don't feel bad about going to the grocery store more often since that means all of my produce is always fresh
Sundown321 Sundown321 7 years
I live in a place where it is not convenient, but I try to do these things anyways... biking to work is 17.5 miles each way, and my closest grocery store is 22 blocks away. Another benefit of walking to the grocery store is monitoring how much I spend. I can only carry so many impulse food purchases!
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
I always lived in places that were extremely convenient (NY, DC) and I could walk to practically everything I needed, including the grocery store. Unfortunately, we moved, and I am in a more rural area...if I walked a few miles towards the direction our grocery store is in, I would be nowhere. It takes a whiiiile. When I finally get back in a metro area of some other state (haha), I will absolutely do this, fit. I think that is so much better than driving. Of course, in my case, I could always ride a bike. I agree that there are always opportunities to be more health conscious. I try to do wall push ups and calf raises every time I am in the bathroom. I'll also do some squats while on the phone, and lift some heavy things we have in the laundry room. Every little bit counts!
amber512 amber512 7 years
I don't live in an area where I can easily walk to things, but I do like the idea of squats while folding the laundry. Although, luckily I live in a state where I can't pump my own gas, so I'll continue to stay in the car and away from the fumes.
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